Official statement to UAE road users regarding late toll payment letter to Salik

The United Arab Emirates has seen messages sent to Salik customers asking them to pay late traffic toll fees. In this context, an official statement was issued to UAE road users regarding the late traffic toll fee payment letter to Salik.

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Warning of scam messages to Salik customers

Those who utilise the roads in Dubai who are customers of Salik are being harassed by bogus text messages purporting to come from an unidentified number and demanding immediate payment of past-due balances. A number of customers of Salik who were concerned about the possibility of other people falling prey to fraud received a text message from an unknown number claiming that they were late in paying Salik fees and that they needed to click on a link in order to pay the late costs and prevent being charged additional penalties. Both a phone number and a link are included in the message that guides the recipient of the message through the process of making the payment. Additionally, it advises them to stay away from the Salik gate and to call the number provided in the bogus message to confirm that they are behind on their payments.


Salik toll payment system in the UAE

In Dubai, the term "Salik" refers to an electronic toll collection system that operates in place of traditional collection booths and parking locations. Each time a vehicle passes through a prepaid toll station, the account is debited an amount equal to four dirhams to deduct the fee from the account.

Salik warns all customers about traffic toll payment messages

For its part, Salik implemented an awareness campaign that it posted on social media in order to educate its clients about the dangers of falling prey to fraudulent activity. In addition to this, it indicated that it intends to investigate the possibility of implementing an additional series of campaigns to continuously warn and educate customers.

How to get a Salik tag in the UAE

After completing the necessary steps to make a payment via the Salik website, the customer will be able to make a purchase of a Salik tag, which will then be shipped out to them directly. Additionally, the card will be activated immediately upon receipt of the Salik tag. A Salik card can also be acquired at specified locations of Emirates gasoline stations, EPPCO / ENOC petrol stations and ADNOC petrol stations. Through the website of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai and its electronic applications, Salik, users of the Dubai traffic gate known as "Salik" can also register and activate the Salik card that they have acquired after making a Salik purchase. It is possible to acquire Smart, "Dubai Drive," and "Salik" service through retail locations that also offer Salik services. Additionally, it is feasible to seek the assistance of a Salik customer support person by dialling 80072545.


How to top up Salik credit in the UAE

Customers of Salik also have the option to top off their balances by using a group of banks that have been given accreditation, which may be done through the websites and mobile applications of such institutions.

How to find out about Salik violations in the UAE

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has identified channels for viewing Salik violations. These channels include the Smart Salik application, the Dubai Drive application, and the Salik website located at The RTA has also indicated that violations can also be viewed through the Dubai Police website if the vehicle is registered in the Emirate of Dubai. Violations can be viewed on the website of the Abu Dhabi Police Department even if the car is registered in another emirate.

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