Officially Emirates.. No fine for this country's nationals if their residency visa expires

As the violence in Sudan continues, the UAE stated that it will forgive fines accumulated in the previous month by Sudanese citizens in the country with expired visas.

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Financial penalties accrued since April 15 will be waived under the decision, according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

The decision is for Sudanese citizens whose residency permits have expired

According to state news agency Wam, the decision affects Sudanese citizens who have expired resident and employment licences or who have overstayed their intended departure date.

The decision is being made in sympathy with the people of the North African country, which has been mired in a month of brutal combat between competing military factions.

The capital Khartoum and its sister city Bahri were subjected to additional air raids, exacerbating an already severe humanitarian situation.

According to the Sudanese Doctors' Union, at least 800 civilians have perished as a result of the violence.

More than 70% of hospitals in conflict zones are no longer operational. The World Health Organisation has condemned the stealing of thousands of tonnes of supplies in the country.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, the violence has displaced over one million people, including at least 843,000 internally.

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The initiative supports the UAE's Sudan aid

The move, according to Maj Gen Suhail Al Khaili, director general of ICA, is consistent with the UAE's efforts to support Sudan.

The Sudanese embassy in the UAE expressed gratitude for the gift.

According to figures issued by the state news agency Wam in 2020, approximately 100,000 Sudanese citizens lived in the UAE at the time.

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