Officially.. Some UAE roads currently allow 160 km/h speeds

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to some of the world's fastest roadways thanks to the fact that certain of its highways allow drivers to travel at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour.

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The United Arab Emirates now has the potential to boast having one of the highest minimum speed limits in the world as a result of the recent installation of a speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour or more on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road. On this stretch of road, the maximum permissible speed is indicated to be 90 miles per hour.

A fine of 400 dirhams ($108) for slow driving on UAE roads

The National reports that Abu Dhabi police have declared that the limit will be enforced in the first and second lanes from the left, with a punishment of Dh400 ($108) for anyone who violate the new speed limit.

Officials have stated that the minimum speed limit is intended to increase safety by encouraging slower drivers to shift to the right side of the road.

Drivers in the UAE have generally approved of the change.

Abu Dhabi Police conducted an online survey with over 3,400 residents, finding that 78% of them supported the move.

UAE roads
UAE roads speeds

Minimal speed limits are enforced in only a few of countries around the world. Review of Setting Minimum Speed on Motorway, a 2020 report by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), notes that only Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States have such limits in place.

The report notes, "The objective of imposing minimum speeds in those countries is to reduce the unsafe interactions between fast and slow-moving vehicles by improving the uniformity of traffic flow and safety of operation."

When comparing the speeds of drivers, "it is proven that the large speed differentials between fast and slow drivers contribute to the accident crashes."

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