Oman announces 40 projects for adventure tourists

Oman has announced plans for forty different types of adventure tourism, including cable cars and ziplines.

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The Sultanate of Oman plans to increase the number of adventure tourism visitors by forty before the year 2025.

A strategy to bring in an increased number of tourists is currently being put into action by the Ministry of the Environment and Tourism.

Oman announces 40 projects

Beyond the year 2025, the strategy calls for the implementation of almost 40 separate projects designed to promote adventure tourism.

Vacations full with excitement in Oman
Among the initiatives are the installation of ziplines in Wadi Darbat in Dhofar for the khareef season and the development of a cable car in the Botanical Garden.

Recent announcements include the opening of a zipline in Musandam and the construction of a suspension bridge in Wadi Shab, both located in South Sharqiyah.

The Ministry of Tourism is planned to construct mountain paths in the Hawar hamlet of Wadi Bani Khalid and Wadi al Arbaeen, two regions that are famous for their never-ending springs, in order to further boost adventure tourism.

Wadis and other mountainous places will become accessible to visitors and others who enjoy outdoor adventures thanks to the construction of these pathways.

Additionally, the ministry is working to pave a road to the hillside village of Al Sogara, which is located in Jabal Akhdar. Al Sogara is a well-known tourist destination because it is home to a historic inn.

Additionally, the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works is looking into the idea of constructing service facilities on the mountain trails in Wadi Bani Awf. These facilities might include changing rooms, camping areas, a restaurant and a café.

These facilities will be made available to small and medium-sized businesses so that they can run them, which will be to the community's benefit.

The Ministry of Public Works intends to pave a total of 15 mountain routes, the bulk of which will be found in the Hajar Mountains and include places like Jabal Shams, Jabal Akhdar, and Wadi Bani Awf. In addition, young teams have identified 37 new mountain paths that are open to those interested in engaging in adventure activities.

There are currently 53 mountain paths in Oman that have been given the official green light.

Regarding the activity of caving, Oman is home to many breathtaking caverns; nevertheless, in order to construct recreational facilities, in-depth research and expert consultations are required, in addition to a sizeable financial investment.

There have been applications for licences to organise adventure activities made by twenty different tourism firms, and work is currently being done to formalise safety and risk management processes, perform adventure activities at various locations and projects, and train tour guides in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence.

The ministry is also conducting an assessment of some locations to determine whether or not they are suitable for adventure tourism.

It is anticipated that the plan developed by the MHT to improve adventure tourism in Oman will encourage a greater number of tourists to visit the nation, which will in turn stimulate both the tourism industry and the economy.

The efforts of the ministry to build additional adventure activities and facilities will give a wider variety of experiences for tourists, which will further consolidate Oman's status as a leading tourist destination in the region.

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