Oman has instituted a system of fines and even jail time for those found guilty of indecent dressing

It has been decided that "anyone who appears in public roads or places in a manner that is prejudicial to public decency" will be subject to legal action.

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Omani inhabitants are growing concerned about "immodest" public dress, especially during Ramadan.

The authorities advise both genders to dress modestly to honour local culture. To avoid offending locals and comply with the law, foreigners should follow Oman's clothing regulations, customs, and traditions.

According to the Times of Oman, Amer Salem Al Hasani, a representative of the Wilayat of Bausher and a member of Muscat Governorate's Municipal Council, wants foreign national dress regulations enforced more strictly. Several incidents of disobedience prompted this call to action.

“Wearing an indecent dress in public offends others and does not reflect our culture and identity,” he stated.

The Omani Penal Code, enforced by Royal Decree 7/2018, punishes public indecency with a one- to three-month prison sentence and a fine of OMR100 to 300.

Article 294a covers “anyone who appears in public roads or places in a manner that is prejudicial to public decency or contrary to the traditions and customs of society.”

Nasr Al Farsi, a municipal council member representing the Wilayat of Saham, said that tourists should respect public tastes by wearing respectful and moderate dress that respects privacy and traditions.

Officials also hope the Ministry of Tourism would put up a counter at Muscat International Airport to instruct guests about Sultanate dress code, customs, and traditions.

They also encouraged the Royal Oman Police to enforce the Oman Penal Code in public spaces, streets, beaches, and parks.

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