UAE: Dh100,000 fine, up to one year in prison for unauthorised fireworks sales

To preserve the public's safety and avoid legal action, the Public Prosecution has issued an awareness video on its social media channels urging the public to follow relevant laws and not use or deal in fireworks without a license.

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one year in prison for unauthorised fireworks Deals

According to Article 54 of the Federal Decree Law 17 for 2019 on weapons, ammunition, explosives, military materials, and hazardous substances, anyone in the UAE who trades in, imports, exports, manufactures, or transports fireworks from and to the state without a licence faces a one-year prison sentence and a Dhs100,000 fine, or both.

According to the Public Prosecution, explosives are defined in Article 1 of the Federal Decree Law as "a chemical compound or a mixture of different chemical compounds that react with each other when exposed to certain factors, such as a force producing pressure, heat, and speed that can affect or damage surrounding areas, including fireworks."

According to the provisions of the Decree Law, the possession, acquisition, obtainment, carrying, import, export, re-export, transit, trans-shipment, trade, manufacturing, repair, transportation, or disposal of any weapon, ammunition, explosives, military materials, or hazardous substances is not permitted unless a relevant licence or permit is obtained from the Licencing Authority or the concerned entity.

These blogs are part of the Public Prosecution's ongoing efforts to promote legal culture among members of the community and raise their awareness of the country's most recent legislation.

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