The Emirates has issued a $ 136,160 fine for online insults and slander

The general population has been warned about the hazards of using vulgar language to vent displeasure or disrespect individuals online.

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Swearing or slandering someone on an information network, such as social media or messaging services like WhatsApp, is unlawful in the UAE.

Prosecutors issued a warning last week, indicating that those found guilty might face jail time and fines of up to Dh500,000 ($136,160).

The laws, according to the legal authorities, are intended to combat the misuse of online platforms.

"Heavier punishments will be sought for acts against public sector employees in the line of duty or a person assigned to perform a public service," said the UAE Public Prosecution in a tweet.

Online defamation fine
Online defamation fine in the UAE

Three months to report offences

The UAE, according to legal adviser Mohammed Najeeb, has taken a firm stance on maintaining a courteous and responsible online environment by instituting harsher regulations against using obscene language on social media sites.

"Swearing crimes have changed in the digital era," he explained. "In the past, people would confront each other and use offensive language." It can now happen with the touch of a button on your phone.

"People should exercise caution when posting on social media." Victims of online swearing can report the occurrence up to three months after the objectionable content was posted or sent."

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