Emirates Airlines announces the suspension of its flights to Sudan until further notice

Dubai Airports has made plans to provide short-term lodging for Sudanese transit passengers who were unable to continue on to Khartoum due to the continuous closure of the airport there. These passengers were unable to continue on to Khartoum because of the shutdown of the airport there.

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As a result of the beginning of combat between the army and the Rapid Support Forces across the country's capital city of Khartoum and its surrounding cities on Saturday, airlines have subsequently suspended all flights to the city.

There are claims that up to 20 planes have been destroyed or severely damaged on the runway of the international airport in Sudan, which has resulted in the closure of the country's airspace.

After gunfire was directed at one of Saudia's planes as it was ready to depart Khartoum early on Saturday morning, the airline decided to suspend all of its flights to and from the city.

"due to a worsening situation of civil unrest in Khartoum," Emirates airline and Flydubai, two airlines based in Dubai, have extended a halt on passenger flights until at least April 30.

"Until further notice, we will not be able to accept bookings for travel at the point of origin from customers who are connecting through Sudan on flights operated by Emirates or Flydubai." In its most recent statement, Emirates expressed its sorrow for causing any difficulties or inconveniences to its clients.

Air Arabia, which is based in Sharjah, has likewise ceased flying operations until further notice.

On Wednesday, Dubai Airports announced that it had provided "various kinds of support to the passengers" to Sudanese transit passengers who had flown into Dubai from a variety of destinations around the world.

"The passengers have been offered temporary accommodation until they are able to travel to Khartoum or until they choose to travel to other destinations," a spokeswoman from Dubai Airports stated. "The passengers have chosen to travel to other destinations."

"Dubai Airports is keeping a close eye on the situation in Sudan in order to determine how the company should proceed in the days ahead."

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