Penalties for traffic violations in the UAE 2023

The Abu Dhabi Police announced the imposition of severe penalties for the perpetrators of 5 traffic violations in the Emirates, and the penalties for traffic violations in the UAE 2023 will be clarified, as it warned against committing a number of traffic violations and considered it a high-risk traffic crime because it often results in endangering the safety of oneself and others.

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Abu Dhabi Police published warning and warning videos explaining the most horrific traffic violations that endanger the safety of oneself and others. These violations were caught on camera, and the Abu Dhabi Police clarified the penalties for these violations and the fines specified for them.

Objectives Abu Dhabi Police warn drivers of committing traffic violations

The police and transportation authorities in the Emirates cooperate and coordinate their efforts in order to support and enhance the safety of road users, as they constantly issue repeated warnings to motorists, citizens and residents, regarding the need to adhere to the specific traffic rules in the Emirates, and Abu Dhabi Police publishes these warnings to reduce the number of accidents involving driving. Reckless driving causes them to fall on the roads and ensuring that everyone using the roads stays safe.

traffic violations
traffic violations

Abu Dhabi Police sets penalties for traffic violations in the UAE 2023

Abu Dhabi Police has continuously published videos documenting the moments of committing traffic violations on highways that cause serious consequences, explaining the penalties and fines established for such violations in UAE law.

A violation of not leaving a safe distance and rear-end collision with cars

This May, Abu Dhabi Police published a video clip documenting the occurrence of a violation of not leaving a car for a safe distance, and then a rear collision with the car, which resulted in this violation exposing the lives of others to danger and harming them. Traffic, and the penalty for the violation of retraction was determined, as it imposed on the perpetrators of this violation a fine of 400 dirhams and 4 black points.

Sudden lane change on highways and its penalty

Abu Dhabi Police highlighted the violation of sudden lane change committed by drivers on highways in the Emirates through video clips and asked them not to change lanes suddenly due to the seriousness of this behavior. It also explained to them the importance of using indicators when changing lanes, with the need to ensure that they use the correct lane when Moving from one lane to another, and the UAE authorities have set a fine of 400 dirhams for changing lanes without using indicators.

Abu Dhabi Police warns against the violation of crossing the road without the designated places

Abu Dhabi Police asked the residents to avoid walking long distances and also asked them not to cross the road from undesignated places, and called on them to use pedestrian bridges, and violating this cost the owner a fine of 400 dirhams, due to the seriousness of this violation.

Abu Dhabi Police warns against violating traffic lights

Abu Dhabi Police set the penalty for exceeding the traffic lights, which is the confiscation of the car for a period of one month, and the fee for releasing the car is 3000 dirhams and 12 black points.

traffic violations
traffic violations

Abu Dhabi Police warn against violating a sudden stop on the highway

The fine for a sudden stop violation on UAE highways is 1,000 dirhams and 6 black traffic points, due to the seriousness of this violation that endangers the lives of the driver and others.

traffic violations
traffic violations

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