Police statement regarding traffic on the roads of Abu Dhabi

A police statement was issued regarding the traffic movement on the roads of Abu Dhabi regarding traffic safety indicators for road users after implementing an integrated system to enhance safety on the road.

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Traffic safety indicators on Abu Dhabi roads for a year

Since last year, traffic safety markers have been installed on Abu Dhabi roads, Last but not least, the Abu Dhabi Police Department's 2022 Sustainability Report disclosed an improvement in traffic safety indicators on the roads of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi during the previous year, According to this report, the rate of deaths caused by traffic accidents per 100,000 population decreased from 5.0 in 2019 to 3.52 cases in 2022, and the accident rate decreased as well, Heavy traffic per 100,000 population will reduce from 49 in 2019 to 20.4 in 2022, while the rate of road accidents per 10,000 cars will decrease from 15.5 in 2019 to 5.9 in 2022, These changes will take place simultaneously,The report emphasised that when implementing the integrated work system, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command developed and improved the quality of life as well as the level of concern for society, This was accomplished by paying attention to the security and safety of drivers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Abu Dhabi Police to ensure the safety of drivers throughout the emirate, as this appears in the Results achieved in the previous two years.

What should drivers do on the roads of Abu Dhabi when receiving weather alert messages

What precautions can motorists in Abu Dhabi take when they get information regarding impending severe weather? Because the system defines the limit of sight and clarity on the primary roadways for the purpose of measuring and analysing data, this endeavour is regarded as the first of its kind anywhere in the world in terms of technology related to artificial intelligence. A warning to people in nearby and affected areas, and upon activation of the system, drivers must commit to reducing speed, as speed radars will also apply the speed ratio that must be adhered to accordingly to ensure safety and security for drivers, As a result, the system has a positive impact, which leads to improving the quality of life and ensuring safety in all throughout the city of Abu Dhabi, and also contributes to reducing the number of road and safety violations.

messages for drivers
messages for drivers

The importance of weather messages for drivers on the roads of Abu Dhabi

The significance of weather alerts for motorists travelling on Abu Dhabi's roads, According to the paper, the "Weather Conditions and Alert Messages" system is a unique initiative with the goal of strengthening the Safe City System programme, This will be accomplished by increasing the degree of awareness of irrigated systems and boosting the level of road security, According to the research, the implementation of the weather message system led to a reduction in the number of incidents involving potentially catastrophic accidents, The total number of weather alert messages reached 22,341 due to a significant increase in the number of severe violations by 38.3% and a significant decrease in the number of serious violations by 22%, There were no fatalities reported as a result of serious traffic accidents that occurred during the formation of fog and dust, and there were no deaths recorded as a result of serious irrigation accidents that occurred as a result of the formation of fog. And dust.

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