The death of Muhammad Saeed Al Mulla, one of the founding men of the Emirates

Urgent.. The death of one of the founding men of the Emirates, and the rulers mourn him with sincere sadness

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The death of Muhammad Saeed Al-Mulla

Today, Thursday, His Excellency Muhammad Saeed Al Mulla, the former minister and prominent businessman, passed away to the mercy of God Almighty, and His Excellency Dr. Anwar bin Muhammad Gargash, the diplomatic advisor to His Highness the President of the State, mourned him, enumerating his exploits and qualities, and that he is one of the loyal Emirati men who worked hard to achieve the vision of the late His Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and his brothers are the rulers of the union, pointing out that the UAE has lost, with his departure, a national figure that served its country with sincerity and loyalty.

The funeral of the late Muhammad Saeed Al Mulla

On the other hand, social media was buzzing with the news of the passing away of His Excellency Mohammed Saeed Rashid Al Mulla, may God have mercy on him, after a life full of giving, in which he witnessed the transformations of the UAE. His funeral will take place on Thursday, February 2, 2023, after Asr prayer, at Al Quoz cemetery in Dubai.

Positions held by Muhammad Saeed Al Mulla

Al-Mulla held the position of a former minister of state and a businessman, and he was among the first men of the Emirates who lived through the transformations of the city of Dubai, and he was a witness to its surprising developments during its transformation into a center of attraction and a destination that attracts the attention and benefits of the world. Not to mention his support during his life for many young people during their journey in the field of finance and business, out of service and love for the country.

The late was born in the city of Dubai, and he was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and he had a prominent role in establishing the first national bank in partnership with a number of prominent Dubai merchants, in addition to holding the position of Minister of Transportation.

Mohammed Saeed Al Mulla's relationship with the establishment of the National Bank of Dubai

Muhammad Saeed Al-Mulla.. a man from the early builders of the Emirates, where Dr. Abdullah Al-Madani documented several testimonies in the march of Al-Mulla, indicating that the latter, specifically in 1963, had played a prominent role in establishing the first national bank in partnership with a number of the emirate’s prominent merchants at the time, to launch (National Bank of Dubai), which was preceded by the banking business in Dubai, only a branch of the British Bank, which had started its activity in 1946.

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