UAE announces new speed limits on Mohammed Bin Rashid Road

On Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road in Abu Dhabi, the current speed limits are set to be replaced with new ones in the not too distant future.

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The minimum speed on the first and second lanes from the left will be 120kph, while the maximum speed stays at 140kph, as announced by General Ahmed Saif bin Zaytoun Al Muhairi, director of the Central Operations Section of Abu Dhabi Police.

Drivers who travel between Abu Dhabi and Dubai at a speed of less than 120 kilometres per hour on the first two lanes of the four-lane motorway will be subject to a fine of Dh400.

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speed limits
speed limits on Mohammed bin Rashid Road

Low speed activation to ensure drivers' safety

On Thursday afternoon, Abu Dhabi Police announced the move via their various social media platforms.

Gen. Al Muhairi explained that the purpose of the low-speed activation was to protect drivers by making them use the right lanes and giving way to vehicles coming from behind or to the left.

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It has been established by the authorities that there will be no infractions of the minimum speed restriction in either the third lane (travelling at 140 km/h) or the last lane (which is intended for large trucks) on the highway.

Starting on May 1st, violators of the new laws that went into force in April will be subject to fines for their activities.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Drive is a street in Dubai that was named after Dubai's Vice President and Ruler. The street's opening ceremony took place in November of 2016.

The Sheikh Zayed route is connected to the Dh2.1 billion road for a distance of 62 km. The line was created to relieve traffic between the two cities.

This eight thousand vehicle per hour route starts at the end of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed route near Seih Shuaib, which lies on the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The green belt that surrounds the road include not only the Al Maha woods but also the Khalifa Port Industrial Zone and Bida Khalifa.

From its beginning at an intersection with Al Ajban Road, this road travels past Shahama, Zayed Military Camp, and Al Falah en route to an end at an interchange with Sweihan Road.

In addition, it provides quick access to the Abu Dhabi airport, Al Ain Road, Yas Island, and Saadiyat Island.

Between the first and second interchanges, there are now two brand-new petrol stations.

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