The Emirates has started employing AI to manage flights out of Dubai airports

After being awarded the high-tech upgrading contract with the Swedish airline (SAAB), Emirates Airlines reported that it has begun using artificial intelligence technologies for air traffic control at Dubai Airport under the moniker (Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite).

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The Emirates Airline Authority has announced the beginning of the installation of this cutting-edge equipment at Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, the Emirates Flight Academy, and the Emirates Airline Authority's Emergency Operations Centre.

In the United Arab Emirates, this cutting-edge technology is meant to facilitate airport air traffic control by centralising vital radar and flight data.

After being awarded the high-tech upgrade contract with the Swedish airline (Saab), Emirates Airlines revealed the start of operating artificial intelligence systems to control air traffic at Dubai Airport. This technology is known as the (Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite).

Air control systems
Air traffic control systems

Updating Dubai's antiquated air traffic control systems

Using automated equipment that support the sequence of departure operations, this cutting-edge air traffic control system will help reduce workload and increase safety, according to Emirates Airlines.

It will take around a year, according to David Schumer, vice president of civil security for SAP's Middle East and North Africa unit, who spoke to The National on Tuesday.

On the first day of operation, he explained, "Our system, which we are installing now, takes all the information the controllers have from all the different places, such as radars and incoming flight data, and combines it into one working position for control." The Dubai World Trade Centre is hosting Airport Show 2023 until Thursday.

"The console only needs to watch one screen at a time instead of several."

For an emirate that welcomes millions of visitors annually, the deployment of cutting-edge AI to control traffic flow at stations and prevent accidents is becoming increasingly crucial.

Saab is exhibiting a variety of airport management systems and other air traffic solutions at the conference.

We can see everything from the comfort of the passenger seat. With your monitoring at the border, we can see exactly where the police, fire, and ambulances are," Mr. Schumar remarked.

In the event of an accident, "the exact location can be seen on the screen, and the closest resource can be quickly dispatched."

When flights are delayed, the technology detects this and notifies the appropriate airport personnel (such as those in charge of immigration and customs) that they need to be on hand.

Many technical advancements over the years have significantly facilitated relocation.

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