The emirates warns citizens and residents about imaginary profits

In response to allegations of fraudulent conduct on social networks and other digital mediums, the Public Prosecutor's Office in Abu Dhabi issued a warning to the city's inhabitants on Friday regarding the potential threats posed by wire fraud.

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These kinds of activities encourage people to participate in fraudulent schemes by falsely promising them quick earnings, attractive returns, and substantial incentives.

According to the Public Prosecution, wire fraud is a criminal crime that can result in a sentence of imprisonment of at least one year or a fine of at least 250,000 Emirati dirhams (AED) and up to one million Emirati dirhams (AED).

The following actions constitute a violation of this law: unlawfully stealing movable assets, benefits, papers, or signatures by using fraudulent methods, a false name, or by assuming an erroneous capacity using the information network, electronic information system, or any computer means.

Warns citizens and residents of imaginary profits
imaginary profits

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution Warns of Wire Fraud Aimed

The office has warned people who use the internet and social media to be cautious and to avoid dealing with unauthorised or dishonest parties that use deceptive advertising and marketing strategies to convince their victims to wire money to them in exchange for fictitious financial rewards.

Residents are also cautioned that prior to engaging in any kind of transaction or financial activity, they ought to make certain that the businesses involved have the appropriate licences issued by the relevant authorities.

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