The Top 10 UAE Government Services You Can Use on WhatsApp Right Now

The way we connect with friends and family has been transformed by WhatsApp, a well-known messaging software. However, this app is no longer just for communicating with intimate friends and family. The essential operation of this instant messaging service, which enables users to connect with others in real time, has been understood by public and private organizations in the UAE.

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How to Use WhatsApp for UAE Government Services: A Guide to the Top 10 Features


People in the UAE can now remain connected, collaborate, and communicate with ease thanks to its instant messaging, phone, and video calling facilities, group chats, corporate communication tools, location sharing, and file sharing capabilities.

Residents and citizens may access at least eleven UAE government services using WhatsApp, including paying parking fines, providing birth certificates, and reporting crimes. See below the list of services provided, along with each contact information

Directly converse with Sharjah Municipality

Sharjah residents and citizens have immediate access to the city's municipal director general through WhatsApp. The government just recently introduced this service, enabling locals to voice their opinions, grievances, or ideas if they have trouble using existing channels of contact. This number (0501617777) can be used to WhatsApp the Director General.

In a statement announcing the change, the Municipality stated: " As a testament to our commitment to delivering services that meet your expectations and overcome any challenges you may face, we have assigned a WhatsApp number that allows you to communicate directly with the Director General.

Obtain a birth certificate

Obtain a birth certificate from whats app

Birth certificates for children can be issued via the WhatsApp service to UAE citizens and residents. Parents may utilize MoHAP's designated WhatsApp number, +97142301221, to get a birth certificate starting in 2022, according to the organization. However, newborns delivered lately in hospitals under the MoHAP's control are eligible for this treatment.

End-to-end encryption is used throughout the service, which leverages artificial intelligence to reply to consumer inquiries via a virtual assistant within a verified WhatsApp account.

According to the government, the document must contain an Arabic copy and costs Dh65 to issue. On request, English copies are also available. You have the option of paying extra to have the papers delivered or picking them up at a MoHAP public health facility. Within two days, the certificate should come.

remit parking fees

remit parking fees

According to information posted on the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website, drivers in Dubai may use the popular mobile app WhatsApp to pay parking fines Instead of paying for parking by SMS, drivers can send a WhatsApp to the RTA's Chatbot Mahboub at +971 58 8009090. How it functions

Plate number, zone number, and duration are separated by spaces.
It should resemble the following: A00000 000A 2
The payment of the parking ticket will be taken out of the drivers' digital wallets.

Make utility payments

Make utility payments

The ease of using WhatsApp to pay utility bills and track their water and electricity consumption is available to Dubai residents. To allow clients to contact the Dubai Energy and Water Authority (Dewa) around the clock for assistance with energy and water-related questions, the authority launched the Dewa WhatsApp service in 2019.

Customers may quickly pay their utility bills over the WhatsApp number +9714 6019999 according to the clear instructions provided in the chat interface. Customers may also keep an eye on how much water and electricity they use thanks to this service.

Residents may check their use habits and make educated decisions about their energy consumption by using the DEWA WhatsApp service to acquire real-time data on their consumption.

The following are the features offered by Dewa's WhatsApp account:

  • supply control
  • Billing
  • shrewd reaction
  • Keep an eye on service requests
  • consumption control
  • payment of bills
  • Techniques for payment
  • For a buddy, pay Autopay
  • Service for refund
  • History of billing transactions
  • Slab Tariff Calculator for Tariffs

Report women's and children's abuse

Report women's and children's abuse

With the introduction of the Sharjah Social Services Department's (SSSD) 24/7 chatbot service, women and children in Sharjah may now report abuse and violence via WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp, abuse victims can contact support at 0097165015995.

People's privacy will be preserved since they may make complaints without having to interact with an officer. ' Salem' a smart assistant, automatically replies to concerns and walks a user through the steps necessary to seek assistance.

For instance, Salem asks the lady whether her life is in danger as soon as she selects the " protection helpline services" option in one of the messages. The elderly and other vulnerable members of the community can also rely on the service.

Additionally, locals can contact the department by calling the main hotline at 065015555. Other toll-free lines include the 800700 child helpline, the 800800700 women's protection hotline, the 8007080 home care hotline, and the 8008007 social welfare hotline. The email address for this is [email protected]

Report instances of bullying domestic abuse and human trafficking

bullying domestic abuse 

A WhatsApp channel was established in 2022 by the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) to collect reports of assault as well as requests for psychiatric, social, or legal guidance.

The new service may be requested by messaging the foundation via WhatsApp at the hotline number 971-800-111. It seeks to simplify and expedite the delivery of the foundation's services.

In addition to its website and a round-the-clock hotline, the DFWAC also makes use of social media platforms to provide its services.

Schedule a medical appointment

Schedule a medical appointment

Patients in the emirate may easily arrange appointments over WhatsApp thanks to Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company. By calling the number 02 410 2200, people may quickly set up, manage, and schedule follow-up appointments using this service.

New patients must go through an authentication procedure to make an appointment. IToconfirm their identification, they must provide their phone number and Emirates ID number.

Patients who have authenticated can use WhatsApp to access a variety of functions. They can easily make follow-up appointments, manage current ones, and schedule new appointments. Patients may also monitor their scheduled appointments, obtain general information, and keep up with Seha's most recent news and changes.

Dubai transit service

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi introduced WhatsApp as a new means of communication for emergency situations, enabling users to get assistance and monitor the progress of their requests.

The DMT's WhatsApp service aims to synchronize the department's communication channels and offer a prompt and effective response to citizens' queries by utilizing artificial intelligence technologies. Users may use it as a practical platform to get help, monitor the progress of their requests, and improve their overall customer experience.

Residents of Abu Dhabi can sign up by doing the following:

Add 02 678 8888 to their WhatsApp contact list and give it an appropriate name before adding it.
Send a "hello" message to the stored phone number. By doing so, you may start a conversation with the service directly and see all of your alternatives.
Residents can also contact the DMT's emergency line directly at (993).

If you have any questions or concerns contact MoHRE

To raise any questions or concerns, residents can WhatsApp the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) department of the UAE. The ministry may be reached at 600590000, and the service is offered in both English and Arabic.

Employers, workers, and domestic assistants may reach the MoHRE 24/7 thanks to the new channel. The services available to locals include:

Obtain the business's account statement, particularly any that mentions employers. Before disclosing the statement to protect anonymity, the client will be recognized using their Emirates ID number by sending an authentication code to the registered phone number with the Ministry.
Register a grievance or a suggestion
Requesting technical assistance
Customer information is only retrieved once.
The updated Contract Duration Clause of the Labour Relations Law, the new Domestic Helpers Law, and the Unemployment Insurance Law have all been posted.

Support for free mental health

The relevance of mental health and the wide range of assistance options accessible to people in the UAE must be emphasized. People around the nation who are struggling with mental health difficulties have access to help via a variety of avenues.

A dedicated mental support line has been established by the National Programme for Happiness & Wellbeing and the National Campaign It may be reached at 800-HOPE (8004673). This helpline, open from 8 am to 8 pm, offers locals helpful support. Additionally, users can ask for assistance by WhatsApp message at 8004673.

The Estijaba hotline is a crucial source of psychological assistance for those living in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Seha, has trained personnel that can be reached by calling 8001717 who provide complete telephone-based services.

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