The UAE Ministry of Interior determines what is permitted and prohibited during the celebrations of the Union Day

A few hours ago, an urgent circular was issued by the UAE Ministry of Interior specifying what is permitted and prohibited during the Union Day celebrations and its destination for all citizens, foreign residents and visitors.

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Statement of the UAE Ministry of Interior regarding the 51st Union Day celebrations

The Federal Traffic Council of the UAE Ministry of Interior stated the instructions that must be followed during the country's celebrations on the 51st Union Day to preserve the safety of people and property and the flow of traffic, and to celebrate in a safe atmosphere full of happiness and joy that represents the civilized image of Emirati society.

Instructions of the UAE Interior regarding the celebrations of the Union Day

Where the ministry stressed the need to maintain the atmosphere of celebration

List of prohibitions during Union Day celebrations

In this regard, the Ministry indicates that the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  1. Not to use party sprays by drivers, passengers or pedestrians.
  2. Not to obliterate the front or rear number plates, or change the color of the vehicle and darken or tint the windshield
  3. Not to write any phrases or put inappropriate stickers on the vehicle,
  4. Not to load the vehicle more than the authorized number
  5. Avoid behaviors that cause inconvenience to celebrants.
  6. Preventing random marches and gatherings.
  7. The celebrants adhere to the rules of traffic and the instructions of the policemen
  8. Not to disrupt traffic or block the road to others
  9. Not to perform exhibition movements on the internal and external roads,
  10. Not covering the vehicle's side, front and rear windows with stickers or putting on a front sunshade.
  11. Never get out of the windows and sunroof of the vehicle.
  12. Not providing the vehicle with noise materials
  13. Introducing unauthorized additions to the engine structure, or additions that affect vision,
  14. Adhere to safety requirements and traffic laws,

The UAE Interior Ministry's message to the public regarding Christmas celebrations

The Ministry called on the public to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the great national occasion, which is dear to the hearts of the Emirati community and residents of the Emirates, and to express civilized joy and pride in this national celebration in a way that does not cause harm and inconvenience to others, according to what was published by the Emirates Today newspaper.

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