Emirates Airlines recommends these tips for Eid family travel comfortable

With the Eid Al-Fitr holiday approaching, Emirates Airlines provides guidelines to ensure a smooth and fast experience for families during peak travel demand, such as taking advantage of new updates to the Emirates Airline application, digital options for checking in, using smart technology, and arriving at the airport 3 hours before departure times.

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Install the Emirates app.

Passengers are recommended to download the Emirates app on their smartphones in order to have all of their flight information at their fingertips. Users can now follow their luggage, schedule flights, change appointments, download a digital boarding card, plan meals, book chauffeur-drive services and pre-list favourite films to sync with ice when they board.

Duty-free purchases can be pre-ordered.

Before the trip, passengers can explore EmiratesRED.com and select Duty Free products to pick up at their seat on the airline. Pre-ordering is offered on most flights, with options ranging from 21 days to 40 hours before departure. EmiratesRED offers a variety of bargains on perfumes, watches, jewellery, cosmetics, beauty products, and presents in addition to saving you time.

Baggage pre-delivery

Handing over bags the night before travel is a fantastic and free option, especially for families travelling with children. Passengers departing from Dubai can check-in and drop off their luggage at the airport 24 hours before their flight, or 12 hours before their flight if flying to the United States or Tel Aviv, then arrive at the airport and proceed directly to immigration and security procedures.

Check-in online or using the Emirates App

Passengers can use the online check-in option at http://www.emirates.com up to 48 hours before their flight. They can also select their seat and meal, use last-minute upgrade choices, and get their digital boarding card. Baggage distribution at an airport special counter upon arrival.

Remotely carry out operations

Passengers from Ajman, Northern Emirates, can check-in at Ajman Central Bus Station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, up to 4 hours before flight departure, present relevant documentation, check-in baggage, and obtain boarding tickets. After that, get a bus ticket for 20 dirhams and proceed directly to Emirates Airlines' Terminal 3, noting that the bus service is available everyday from 4 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Home service and early baggage delivery

Emirates also provides home check-in service in Dubai and Sharjah, which is implemented by DUBZ, where agents check-in at the customer's home, hotel, or office and convey bags to the airport. The service can be scheduled and paid for at least 24 hours before the flight. While this service is complimentary for first-class travellers.

travel comfortable
travel comfortable on Emirates

At the airport, there are self-service kiosks.

Self-service kiosks are a convenient and quick choice at the airport. Passengers can finish or operate the check-in process contactless using a mobile phone, examine their itinerary, select a seat, and enter their Emirates Skywards number by following the steps on a touch screen. There is a separate station where customers who finish their travel procedures online can give over their luggage.

As needed, further assistance

When travelling throughout the Eid holiday, people with determination can seek assistance from experienced Emirates cabin crew and airport personnel. This includes advance transportation planning via Dubai International Airport for those with hidden disabilities, free two-hour airport parking, priority check-in, passport screening and security, and priority or delayed boarding as needed. Passengers can get further information on the 'Easy Travel' page of Emirates.com or contact the local Emirates office.

biometric monitoring

The Smart Tunnel at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 is the world's first of its sort for passport control, where travellers just walk through a tunnel and are approved by immigration authorities without the need for human interaction or passport stamping. When the operations are finished, a brief photograph is taken to capture a digital representation of the face. Passengers can finish the procedures, join the Emirates Airlines lounge at Concourse B, and board the jet using facial recognition or the card.

intelligent gates

The usage of smart gates at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 for Emirates flights enables for speedier immigration procedures when travelling and returning. Valid passports, boarding passes, or identity cards are accepted by citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates. When a visitor with a biometric passport arrives, GCC nationals or visa holders can likewise use the smart gates.

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