Top Dubai Hospitals: Addresses and Prices

Dubai is renowned for its top-notch medical facilities. The city is home to many hospitals that provide patients with high-quality care.

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Finding a hospital in Dubai is quite simple because the city is filled with healthcare institutions.

In this article, we present the best hospitals in Dubai. We will direct you to a facility where the most skilled medical professionals can treat you.

Locating Hospitals in Dubai: Public and Private Facilities

Both the public and private health networks in Dubai are managed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). If you're looking for hospitals in Dubai, you can check out their websites. You will learn more about the services and costs provided by the various facilities thanks to this.

Best hospitals in Dubai

Here is a list of the top public and private hospitals in Dubai. The majority of them provide emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services and are open around-the-clock:

Hospitals Type Address Opening hours
Dubai Hospital Public Al Khaleeja Street 24 h
Latifa Hospital Public Oud Metha Road 24 h
Rashid Hospital Public 315 Umm Hurair Second 24 h
Hatta Hospital Public Hill Park 24 h
Mediclinic City Hospital Private Building 37 – 26th St 24 h
American Hospital Dubai Private Oud Metha Road 24 h
Dubai London Clinic Private Jumeirah St 24 h
Dubai HealthCare City Private Al Razi Building According to the institutions

Dubai Hospital Quality

You can be sure that all of your medical needs will be effectively met whether you use the public or private healthcare system in Dubai. One of the best healthcare systems in the world is found in Dubai. The facilities are extremely cutting-edge and uphold the highest standards of medical care.

Hospitals offer top-notch medical care. In addition, medical professionals from all around the world work there, and the staff speaks English well.

Hospitals in Dubai Price List

The price of medical care varies from hospital to hospital. Find out the typical costs charged by hospitals in Dubai:

  • AED 800 covers a single night in a private room.
  • AED 1,500 will cover a single night in a private double room.
  • AED 2,500 will cover a single night in a three-bedroom residential suite.
  • Surgery for a knee replacement in a private facility costs AED 90,000.
  • Standard delivery: 5,000 AED (hospital stay not included).
  • Caesarean birth (not including hospital stay): 8,000 AED

What is the process for entering a hospital in Dubai?

The same procedures are used to admit patients to US hospitals as in Dubai. You will, however, require your health card to enter Dubai's public hospitals.

To apply for this card, you may:

  • After landing in the UAE,
  • When using the DHA online,
  • Visiting a primary healthcare facility.

You will have to supply the following information in order to get your health card:

two identity photographs the size of a passport, job documentation
Your UAE identity card, as well as a copy of your current passport. Once you have a resident visa, you will receive this.

If you are 18 years of age or older, you must also pay AED 320. If you are under the age of 10, the cost of the health card is AED 120.

You now know where to discover hospitals in Dubai and the admissions process! You should be aware that Dubai also has a large number of paediatric hospitals and clinics dedicated to treating kids with impairments, special needs, or learning challenges.

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