Tougher penalties for beggars in the UAE

The competent authorities in the United Arab Emirates announced, in a new statement, the tightening of the penalty for begging in the Emirates, which is being applied against beggars, and this penalty reaches imprisonment for approximately three months and a fine of up to five thousand dirhams. In addition, the competent authorities announced that the penalty will be applied against beggars.

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Beggars should heed this warning from the Public Prosecution in the Emirates.

The explanation of the punishment for the offence of begging was provided by the State Public Prosecution in the form of a film material that was shared on its accounts on various social media platforms.

Find out what the consequences are for begging in the UAE.

The Public Prosecution indicated that, according to Article 475 of Federal Decree-Law No. 31 of 2021 issuing the Crimes and Penalties Law, whoever commits the crime of begging through begging, with the aim of obtaining a material benefit, shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months and a fine of no less than 5,000 dirhams. or in kind in any form or means.

The case of tightening the penalty for begging in the UAE

If the beggar is of sound build or has an apparent means of subsistence, and if the beggar has faked injuries or permanent disabilities, or pretended to perform a service for others, or used any other means of deception and seduction with the intention of influencing others to win their sympathy, then this is considered to be an aggravating circumstance in the event that the crime of begging is committed.

Reasons for publishing the Public Prosecution warning regarding the penalty for begging in the Emirates

This information is being made public as part of an ongoing initiative by the State Public Prosecution to raise the level of public awareness of the law, publish all new and updated legislation in the country, and enhance legal culture among members of society. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to spread the culture of law as a way of life.

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