transforming some traffic offences in the UAE into criminal offences

In the United Arab Emirates, some infractions of traffic law can result in the filing of criminal charges. In this instance, a driver's violation escalated into a criminal prosecution because it involved driving in the opposite direction and passing a government worker wearing a uniform in Dubai. The individual who did this was in breach of Dubai law.

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A breach of the UAE's traffic laws

In addition to committing the traffic offence of driving against traffic, an Arab driver also transgressed against the police officer who stopped him, which caused the incident to escalate from a simple traffic violation into a criminal case. The driver was referred to the relevant police station, and from there to the Public Prosecution in Dubai, which charged him with insulting a public employee or assigned to a public service. He was then referred to the misdemeanour court, which proceeded with his trial. The driver was

Mistreatment of drivers

The document used in the lawsuit confirmed that the accused committed a public offence against a public service employee while the employee was performing his job. When the employee asked the accused for a driver's licence and car ownership to release the violation in his presence, the accused responded by telling the employee to "put the licence and ownership in the water and drink them" and other phrases. The lawsuit document also confirmed that the accused did this while the employee was working.

Monitor driver violation

According to the details of the case, as stated in the investigations of the Public Prosecution in Dubai, that an employee in the Traffic and Licensing Department at the Dubai Police General Command was at the top of his work in civilian clothes, as he leads a civilian police patrol, which is in charge of combing the Jumeirah residential area, so he was surprised by a saloon vehicle travelling opposite Direction of traffic, so he did his work duties and stopped the car. The employee was subsequently arrested

Comments that were made by an employee of Dubai's Traffic and Licensing Department

The victim stated in the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution that he asked the driver of the vehicle to show the driver's licence and ownership of the vehicle, and that he understood that it was against the law to drive the vehicle in reverse, that he would be issued a traffic violation, and that the vehicle would be impounded if he did so. The driver of the vehicle was asked to show the driver's licence and ownership of the vehicle.

He went on to state that when he confronted the accused, the accused gave him a terse response, saying, "I am not a violator, and there is no evidence that I am going in the wrong direction." The victim made it apparent to him that there are cameras filming the violation, but he started ranting at him in front of other people walking on the street, and he did not appreciate his role, so he requested a security patrol to intervene through a room. the accused headed to the Al Barsha Traffic Center after the operations were completed.

Remarks made by the driver who committed the infringement in regard to the infraction

When the police officer questioned the driver of the vehicle about the allegation made against him, the driver denied that he had committed a violation against the police officer. He claimed that he had been in the Jumeirah residential area at the time of the incident and that he had driven his vehicle in the opposite direction of traffic. A discussion took place between them, which angered the victim, who requested a security patrol, so the accused told him that he would go himself to the Al Barsha Police Station to prove his right, confirming his commitment as decided by the authorities. He responded to him in a friendly manner, asking him to slow down, admitting his mistake, and driving in the opposite direction. However, the police officer insisted that it deserved detention. He also drove in the opposite direction.

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