UAE announces cost-saving modifications to work permits

The recent choices allow for the continuation of the present work permit for a period of two to three years, according to the Federal National Council in the United Arab Emirates (FNC), who also announced new amendments affecting the work permit in the Emirates.

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In order to lower the associated costs, the UAE has already implemented the most current amendments to work permits.

In addition to a suggestion from the committee regarding permission fees and the cancellation of employee expenses if their occupations are changed in the Emirates, it is important to note that the Federal National Council in the United Arab Emirates convened this week in order to lower the costs of acquiring work licences.

It is noteworthy that the UAE presently ranks third among nations with the highest average work hours, behind only Bhutan and Malta, with 52.6 hours worked on a weekly basis.

Types of work permits in the United Arab Emirates (uae)

  • a work permit to hire an outsider as an employee
  • Work permit transfer.
  • a work permit for people staying at a relative's house
  • Permit to Work Temporarily
  • Work permit for a mission
  • a limited work permit
  • permit for event labour
  • Permit for employment or training
  • Work authorization for residents and minors of participating countries
  • Golden Residence holders who have a work permit
  • a certification allowing a citizen to work
  • Permit for self-employment
work permits in United Arab Emirates
work permits in (uae) United Arab Emirates

Steps to obtain work permits in United Arab Emirates (uae)

  1. Register on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's website by logging in with your username and password or by using your Emirates digital ID.
  2. Select the new work permit issuance service.
  3. submit the necessary paperwork online with an attachment.
  4. Transferring the application electronically so that it can be verified by the Department of Electronic Services, and returning the documents if there aren't enough paper copies.
  5. To get all further approvals, send the permit to the relevant authorities electronically.
  6. Complete the online payment process successfully to release the work permit.

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