UAE completed 82% of the facilities development project To support people with special needs

As a result of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai successfully completing the first and second rounds of their building renovation project, the overall completion rate has increased to 82%. This was done so that we might satisfy the prerequisites of the "building code" for the access round reserved for individuals of determination.

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The Authority has successfully completed the main building of the project, as well as customer happiness centers in Umm Ramool and Barnasha, bus terminals in Al Quoz and Ibn Battuta City Centre, and a number of parking structures spread out across the first and second portions of the project. There are floors in every one of these locations, including Naif, the Al-Raqqa Carlton, both the New and Old Sabkhas, and Al-Ghubaiba.

Customers who have trouble hearing or seeing may find that amenities such as automatic doors and dedicated parking spots outside the business are helpful. These services can be found in many modern buildings. These amenities are typically available in today's more contemporary structures.

The number 3 denotes the current phase of the construction work that is being done at Al-Janahi, which is currently in its third phase.

To better reflect the contributions of people with disabilities in all walks of life, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) replaced the term "disability" with "People of Determination" in 2016 and passed legislation to protect their rights to full participation in society.

The Rashid Centre for People of Determination, which offers comprehensive educational services and a variety of therapeutic options, is one of the key players in the field of social development policy.

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