Conditions for accepting resident children in UAE government schools

In 2023, the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates will roll out an electronic system for registering the children of expats attending public schools in the country. The whole cost of the registration process.

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Government schools in the United Arab Emirates are either directly managed by the Ministry of Education or are linked with the Ministry through one of its several divisions. The only option for these youngsters and others is to attend expensive private institutions.

government school enrollment for expat children in 2023

  1. Check out "" to reach the relevant Educational Institution in the UAE.
  2. In the menu that appears, select Electronic Services.
  3. To apply to a public school and be accepted, just visit the website.
  4. Follow the prompts by selecting the new student icon.
  5. Sign in to the portal, or register a new account.
  6. To submit a fresh request for registration, select the icon.
  7. Complete the online form, and then go to the next step.
  8. Complete the application by following the on-screen prompts.
UAE government schools
UAE schools

Admission criteria for expats to UAE government schools in 2023

  1. Children of parents with Emirates citizenship automatically become foreigners.
  2. And children of Emirati women who are UAE citizens are considered aliens.
  3. Minors of UAE citizens and residents.
  4. Youngsters of people from nations who are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  5. Progeny of parents who have received presidential or vice presidential decrees.
  6. The local offspring of foreign service personnel based in the Emirates.
  7. The citizen takes in an orphan after the death of his father.
  8. The offspring of public servants and private sector employees.

Requirements for a child's registration at a public school in the year 2023

  1. Possess a valid visa or authorization to live in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. The student's academic accomplishments.
  3. To keep the percentage of in-state students who are accepted to the university from rising above 20%.
  4. Fill out the acceptance letter provided by the school district.
  5. Please use the online application system.
  6. The student is eligible to register as one of the permitted categories.

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