UAE: How to obtain residency in Dubai

One of the most common reasons for foreigners to apply for a residence permit is to start a job with a company in Dubai or to join family members who work and live in that city. In addition to sponsoring the employer, a foreign national can obtain a residence permit by being sponsored by an Emirati citizen when he moves to reside in Dubai.

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In the beginning, an entry visa is issued to the foreigner, allowing him to travel to Dubai before issuing a residence permit. When the employer requests an entry visa for a foreigner attached to the relevant application form, the Dubai-based company must apply for permission to employ a foreigner with its trade license. The validity of the entry visa is two months, during which time a residence permit must be obtained.

As for expatriates who wish to sponsor their family members to obtain a residence permit in Dubai, their monthly income must not be less than three thousand 3000 dirhams in the case of housing from the employer or not less than four thousand 4000 dirhams in the case of private housing.

What are documents required to be submitted to obtain a residence permit in Dubai?

In addition to the special application form, the foreigner seeking residency in Dubai must submit copies of the passport, birth certificate, driver's license, and marriage certificate if requested. The applicant must also submit copies of qualifications. The authorities may request details of previous job experiences and contact information for previous employers.

The applicant undergoes a medical examination before being employed, and the medical examination must be re-examined with each renewal of residency.

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