UAE industrial license..Registration steps and Required documents 2023

The UAE Ministry of Economy provides a variety of services designed to meet the requirements and needs of individual and corporate dealers and even government agencies, and can also be obtained electronically easily, including oversight and brands services, consumer protection, industrial license and many other services, as the country spares no effort in supporting the industrial sector. We will highlight in this article how the industrial license is registered and steps to extract it.

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About Industrial License 2023

The UAE's business-stimulating environment and its quality helps supporting industrial growth, the industry is also defined as a production process for different products through a series of steps that may include anything from component installation to biological or chemical processing, and the UAE's industrial license is granted after fulfilling conditions and requirements and providing all required paperwork and documents through service delivery channels.

UAE industrial license registration procedures

The industrial license shall register industrial projects in the industrial registry inside the United Arab Emirates. The procedures shall be as follows:

  1. New user registration on UAE Ministry of Economy website
  2. Application - Application is made by the user accompanied by all required paperwork and documents
  3. Examination of the application - the application is being studied by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the granting of rejection or approval
  4. Pay fees and final payment - if approved the inspection fee and the final payment are paid

After completion of all steps and payment of fees, the industrial license is granted to the applicant.

Industrial license registration fees

After submitting all the documents and proceeding with the procedures for registering the UAE industrial license, you will have to pay the following fees to extract them:

  • 100 AED for inspection fee
  • 1000 AED for final service fee

If the application is not applicable to meet the requirements, the fees required in this case shall be 500 AED. Service centers in both the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai shall also be considered as places for registration of the official UAE industrial license.

Required documents for industrial license registration

In order to register an industrial licence in the United Arab Emirates, the dealer shall ensure that a clear copy of all required documents is attached; The original documents will be checked during the examination to ascertain their authenticity. Here are the documents required in order to register an industry license in the UAE:

  1. Copy of industrial license issued by local jurisdiction agency - if any
  2. Approval by the Ministry of Interior
  3. A copy of the passport and residence of a non-citizen and a summary of the registration of a citizen
  4. Factory location
  5. Approval of the National Information Council
  6. Budget document
  7. Approval by the Ministry of health
  8. Contract of the Partnership Agreement
  9. Approval by the Ministry of Environment and Water
  10. Commercial License

Requirements for registration of industrial license

The industrial license allows existing factories in the Country to import, manufacture, process, assemble and pack raw materials, and those wishing to obtain it must consider the following:

  1. Industrial activity
  2. The paid-up capital cost shall not be less than 250,000 AED
  3. The number of workers in industrial activity exceeds 10 or more
  4. Use of 5 HP or more industrial machines

It should be noted that the expected duration of the license registration service is 5 working days, and you can also communicate with providers through the following communication methods:

  • Ministry of Economy location - Abu Dhabi Emirate: exhibition area, Liwa Tower, 10th to 18th floor
  • Ministry of Economy location - Dubai Emirate: Central Park Towers, Dubai World Trade CenterWorking Hours: 07:00 a.m.-10: 00 p.m. (Monday-Friday)
  • Communication: 800 1222 ، Since the application for the industrial license renewal service takes only one working day and at a cost of 500 AED.

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