Urgent UAE MoHRE issues a warning regarding overtime and pay

urgent Workers in the UAE are entitled to compensation when an overtime warning was issued

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In accordance with the Regulation of Labour Relations Law, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) provided a list of prerequisites for working overtime.

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The Ministry of Health and Rural Affairs (MoHRE) stated in a statement on Twitter that "overtime conditions during Ramadan are similar to those applied throughout the year."

Urgent UAE MoHRE issues a warning regarding overtime

According to the Labour Relations Law and the rules that accompany it, the authority has stated that employers are permitted to request of their employees that they work overtime; however, there are a few restrictions that employers are required to comply with. These are the following:

It is permissible for businesses to request more work from their staff members provided that the total amount of overtime does not exceed two hours per day.

Work that exceeds the standard eight hours per day can be considered overtime only if it is required to prevent "any loss or incidents or to eliminate or mitigate the effect" of those things.
Every three weeks, the cumulative number of working hours cannot go above 144 hours.

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