UAE: Nationalities that do not require a visa or entry permit

The following is a review of the visa regime, the eligibility of its entitlement for various nationalities and clarification of nationalities that do not need a visa or entry permission to the UAE, and nationalities that need prior entry permission.

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Nationalities that do not need a visa or entry permit:

GCC nationals can visit the UAE without a visa or a sponsor. When they reach one of the entry ports, they can enter the country by showing a passport issued by a GCC nation or an identity card.

Additionally, citizens of the Republic of India can obtain an entry visa on arrival for a stay of no longer than 14 days if they have an ordinary passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival, a visit visa, or a permanent residence card issued by the United States, a residence visa in the UK, or an EU country that is valid for at least six months. They have the option to request a 14-day extension of their stay.

Nationalities need prior entry permission:

You will require an entry permit granted by your sponsor before you arrived in the UAE if you do not fall under one of the categories qualifying for visa-free admission or getting a visa on arrival.

What kind of entry permit do you need to enter the UAE?

The entry permit that you need to be issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs depends on the purpose of visiting the UAE.

Applications for access permissions are submitted for several purposes, including:

Tourism, applications to which are made through airlines, travel, and tourism agencies
The visit, which is applied for through a relative or friend
Transit, a transit visa by one of the airlines based in the UAE
Work, in this case, a work visa will be issued by the employer


Requirements for applying for an entry permit for visitors:

The entry permit requirements include the following:

1: a sponsor submits an entry permit application on your behalf. This Sponsor may be:
UAE National
A resident expatriate, with a valid residence permit in the UAE
One of the airlines based in the UAE
Hotels or tourism companies based in the UAE
Government entity
Private sector companies and/or free zones
2: official passport with a validity of at least six months
3: he should not be banned from entering the state or previously deported unless he has new consent to enter the state

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