The UAE passport is the best in the world 2023

  The UAE passport has won the "Passport Index for Travellers" for 2023, which lists the best passports globally based on how easy it is for passport holders to enter the most countries. The UAE passport received a total score of 110.50 points, placing it first in this year's report, according to the findings of the index published by the international business "Nomad Capitalist," which specialises in offering advice services to investors and entrepreneurs.

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UAE Passport

The company stated in a report that the UAE passport received this top ranking based on a number of factors, including evaluating the strategy taken by the UAE government with regard to travel as well as the general perception of the UAE held by the majority of people around the world and the government's tenacious efforts to keep this perception at its highest levels.

Travel, taxation, and perception were among the factors Nomad Capitalist used to evaluate passports.

The number of countries the passport bearer may access without a previous visa, with a visa obtained upon arrival, or with electronic travel permission is referred to as the travel criteria.
According to the index's findings, there are presently 181 nations that UAE passport holders can access under any of the three benefits listed above. The tax criterion relates to the income taxes levied by the government that issued the currency.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE scored "50 out of 50 points" in this criteria, which indicates that the country levies "zero tax" on income. The UAE received a score of 40 out of 50 on the perception criterion, which gauges how passport holders are perceived when they enter various nations and how they are treated.

Nomad Capitalist evaluated passports according to this criterion by taking into account the UAE's ranks in the "World Happiness Report" and the "Human Development Index," as well as individual judgements based on first-hand observations.

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