UAE summer holidays: How much is 7-day Dubai international airport parking?

Many people will be relieved to hear that a week of parking at Dubai International Airport can now be had for only Dh200.

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Dubai international airport has informed locals of the rates they charge for parking at the terminal lot in anticipation of the upcoming summer break, when many expats plan to take advantage of the opportunity to travel.

Let DXB take care of your car while you relax on vacation, the airport tweeted. From May 15th to June 30th, 2023, rates start at just Dh100 for 3 days, Dh200 for 7 days, and Dh300 for 14 days.

Dubai international airport parking
Dubai airport

Dubai international airport parking

In a video uploaded by the administration, persons of varying nationalities are probed about their familiarity with the parking prices at Dubai International Airport's parking lot and their best guesses for how much a week's worth of parking will cost them.

Estimates of the rates were provided by expats of varying ages and cultural backgrounds. Some estimated that it may cost them Dh3,000, while others guessed as high as Dh4,800. Some people put the price at Dh1,000, while others put it at Dh1,500.

When they heard how much parking actually cost at the airport, most of the people in the video were taken aback.

One respondent said the new, more affordable rates will motivate more travellers to leave their cars at DXB.

Because many people leave the country for summer holidays between June 1 and June 30, tourists should know that this deal is only valid for a short time.

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