Union Coop offers massive discounts on 10,000 goods before Ramadan

The formal beginning of Union Coop's Ramadan campaign to offer discounted pricing on more than 10,000 essential foods and consumer goods was announced today. The campaign will run until the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

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In honour of the holy month of Ramadan, Union Coop is launching a significant savings promotion.

During the annual conference organised by the cooperative to announce its preparations for the month of Ramadan, the Managing Director of the Union Coop, Abdullah Muhammad Rafi Al-Dalal, stated that "the cooperative's Ramadan promotional campaign for the year 2023 is considered to be one of the exceptional campaigns because it includes discounts on a large number of basic materials and the most consumed by consumers, whether it was food or non-food."

All goods are eligible for discounts on purchase at Union Coop branches.

He went on to say that during the Ramadan campaign, which encompasses all commodities, such as food and beverages, electronics, and household appliances, offers and discounts will be made available periodically in all of the cooperative's locations, as well as on its website and smart application. This will be done in order to meet the growing demand that will be present throughout the entire month of Ramadan.

Union Coop customers who are eligible to receive special deals and discounts throughout the month of Ramadan

He emphasised that the Ramadan cooperative campaign targets all societal groups, takes into account the cultural diversities of those groups, and provides them with commodities at reasonable prices commensurate with the size of their different budgets. He also explained that the campaign is diverse, including what will be at wholesale prices as well as discounts of up to 75%. He emphasised that the campaign targets all societal groups.

The length of time that Union Coop will be offering discounted prices throughout the month of Ramadan.

And the auctioneer noted that the promotion is available in all of the cooperative's branches and commercial areas, noting that the promotion will continue until the end of Ramadan, for a total of sixty days, with a variety of various offers and discounts.

Products that are eligible for discounts through union coops

He stated that the cooperative is eager to provide the commodities included in the Ramadan offers in large quantities, with high quality, and at competitive prices. He went on to explain that the promotional offers include essential food and consumer commodities, such as rice, poultry, canned food, fruits and vegetables, special Ramadan products, and other products and commodities. He said that the cooperative is keen to provide all of these things.

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