Emirates .. a significant decrease in the prices of airline tickets during the month of May to this country

The average cost of airline tickets to popular Arab destinations like Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon has significantly decreased in direct flights, according to officials in travel agencies, who also noted that the cost of flights in May 2023 will be at its lowest point this year.

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Despite a 25% drop in average prices and a slower pace of demand, they told "Emirates Today" that prices are still higher than they were prior to the "Covid-19" pandemic. They predicted that ticket prices would start to increase again starting in mid-June, in line with summer's peak demand.

Air ticket prices

In-depth information from companies that specialise in travel reservations revealed a reduction in the average ticket price to key Arab destinations for direct flights from the UAE by roughly 20%, starting at the beginning of next May, far from the normal busiest times.

Prices of direct round-trip flights at the start of May 2023 are included in the survey's data, which was done by "Emirates Today," compared to the average prices throughout the first four months of that year.

apparent decrease

remarked the company's general manager After the two travel peaks, demand is expected to decline, according to Belhasa Tourism's Naruz Sarkis, who noted that "airline ticket prices for direct flights from the UAE market to the most popular Arab destinations, such as: Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, are witnessing a noticeable decline as of the first of next May 2023." in connection with the Eid al-Fitr holiday this April and the spring vacation in March.

"The prices of flights to Arab destinations, starting next May, are at their lowest rates since the beginning of this year, and they are lower by up to 25%, compared to the average prices in March and April 2023," Sarkis continued, adding that despite the apparent reduction,

Additionally, he noted that the cost of airline tickets will increase once more beginning the first week of next June, in conjunction with the start of the summer vacation season, anticipating a significant peak in travel that may be the highest in 2023 due to a portion of dealers who have already begun planning their summer travel in order to avoid price increases. expecting a lot.
Flight ticket prices
Air ticket prices

The business's general manager stated on his part:

Amin Al-Awadi of "Al-Awadi Travel" stated, "With the low levels of demand for air travel during May, we noticed a decline in average prices by up to 30%, compared to the rates for the first months of this year," highlighting the fact that the average flight prices, during next May, will be lower. At

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