Urgent Emirates: An important statement for bank customers, starting today, regarding identity, residence and

Banks operating in the United Arab Emirates have addressed their customers, that as of today, corresponding to the eighth of May, only data related to them will be updated through the smart application.

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Bank messages, which the Emirates Today newspaper reviewed, stated that customers would only be able to update their basic information through the smart application and no other channels, including Emirates identity, residence, passport, phone number, and email address.

Update bank customer data:

Awatef Al-Harmoudi, a banking expert, commented, saying, " This initiative comes within the digital transformation of the country's banking sector, which is proceeding at a rapid pace, as banks are keen to provide faster, safer, and more secure channels for customers to update their data directly without manual intervention by employees." " The majority of banking transactions are now conducted electronically," she continued, " especially through sophisticated apps that are readily available on phones for everyone."

However, banks make accommodations for the elderly and people who have trouble using the program because of their consideration for them, according to Al-Harmoudi, whose transactions are accepted manually.

Update bank customer data
Update bank customer data

She noted that « banks have invested millions of dirhams over the past ten years to develop and secure their technical infrastructure, to the highest level of ease, speed, and safety, as it is only natural that paper transactions in branches are gradually phased out, in addition to that there is assistance to the customer and awareness for him to use Smart application services.

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