Urgent.. Google launches a search service for places that show World Cup matches

places that show World Cup matches Google launches a service to determine the display areas of the World Cup matches:

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Google launches a service to determine the display areas of the World Cup matches:

Google announced today the launch of new services on the occasion of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, pointing out that these services will include “Google Maps”, “Google Search” and “YouTube”.

Google services to view the World Cup matches:

During a press conference held in Dubai today, she pointed out that the most prominent new services and features that she launched on the occasion of the World Cup allow users to find the best and most convenient places to watch World Cup matches in the region.

World Cup matches:

By typing (Watching the World Cup near me) in the Google search engine, and the ability to access it via the map service, pointing out that this feature will be activated in the coming days.

Rules for displaying World Cup matches:

She explained that business owners should review the rules regarding displaying matches and sporting events to general audiences before activating this feature and adding it to their Google Business Profile to appear in search results.

How to locate World Cup matches:

She added that football fans can keep up with the latest details of the tournament by searching on the “World Cup” in Google, and clicking on the bell icon in the upper right corner to receive continuous notifications about matches, teams or players.

World Cup results:

The match scoreboard can also be installed on the mobile home screen, currently available on Android. Google also provides a range of statistics and other details, including moments related to goal-shooting, as well as an assessment of teams' performance and their probability of winning or losing, which changes over the course of matches.

FIFA's YouTube channel and World Cup broadcast channels:

And she stated that it became possible to follow the most exciting moments in the matches after the end of their live broadcast via the FIFA channel on YouTube and other official broadcasting channels, and it was also possible to watch short videos summarizing the most important details broadcast daily after the end of the matches via Google search and coming from sources including FIFA+ channel and others From official broadcasters including beIN SPORTS in the region.

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