Urgent.. Important information for the tenant when renewing the lease contract in Dubai

When the lease term is about to expire, you should decide if you want to renew the contract or not. If you decide to renew, there are a few crucial considerations to make and a few guidelines to follow before doing so in Dubai. According to this framework, we have provided a list of suggestions for you to keep in mind as a renter when renewing your lease. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you make the best decision in this situation.

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Dubai lease renewal advice:

We are also aware that finding a rental home with unique qualities that satisfy all needs is not an easy task. Fortunately, you have the option to extend your lease with the landlord after the agreed-upon rental period has passed. If the home meets your needs and is comfortable, it won't be necessary to waste your time and energy looking for a new rental home. The most crucial factors to take into account before renewing the lease are listed in the paragraphs that follow about contract renewal advice.

The lease in Dubai 1
The lease in Dubai 1

Make a strategy, even if it's tentative, for your life in the near or far future before renewing the lease agreement so that you may live and settle comfortably. You should consider the location of the residence your place of employment as well as its closeness to the service and entertainment options you desire when deciding whether or not to renew the lease.

However, if you have children, we advise you to consider the proximity of educational institutions, nurseries, healthcare facilities, and commercial centers from your place of residence before renewing the contract. These are significant factors that cannot be ignored and will significantly reduce your transportation burden.

If you intend to leave the property where you live and settle elsewhere, you must notify the property owner of this matter at least 90 days in advance, and this is of course by the law of the real estate regulatory authority Rira, to avoid disputes between you that may expose you to liability. This is one of the most important tips before renewing the lease under the plans paragraph.

Imposing an increase in the rental value:

The owner has the option to raise the rental value at the time of lease renewal, provided that the increase falls within the bounds of the market price. You only need to choose your area of residence, the type of property, and the number of rooms, in addition to the current rent, to use the Rent Increase Calculator at the real estate regulatory agency (RERA), affiliated with the Land Department, to determine the percentage of the permitted rent increase.

The lease in Dubai 2
The lease in Dubai 2

Meeting the needs of the tenant:

Many people now place a great deal of importance on considering the style and lifestyle that residential real estate offers and this topic is included on a list of the top advice before renewing a residential lease in Dubai. You may decide to look at another rental that has been upgraded in a significant area and offers better services, better facilities, and amenities that meet all your requirements if the home you rent does not fit the lifestyle you are seeking or if it needs maintenance and development.

Therefore, if you choose to leave the home you are currently renting, you must wait until the contract expires and the owner reimburses you for the insurance value. However, if you find comfort and everything you need in the rental home, then renovating it will undoubtedly be the best option in this situation.

A list of necessities that must be present when renting a property includes:

adequate ventilation
The arrival of daylight Ensures that there are diverse moments of quiet
Maintenance services are available.
The property's location and how close it is to facilities that are important to you

Change in the terms of the lease agreement:

Reviewing all of the contract's terms and conditions is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when renewing your rental agreement. Reading the rental agreement is one of the most crucial pieces of advice for the tenant because it accurately and completely explains his and his affairs, which prevents many issues in the future. As a result, you can change or reformulate any of the clauses and details concluded in the contract by directly communicating with the landlord.

The lease in Dubai 3
The lease in Dubai 3

Registration with the Ejari system:

Making sure that he is registered in the Ejari system in Dubai, which is connected to the Land Department, is one of the things the tenant should pay attention to when renewing his housing contract. Normally, it is the landlord's job to register for Ejari, but we have found that this responsibility ultimately rests with the tenant or the real estate agent. As a result, please be sure you register to safeguard all of your rights with the landlord.

You might question why you should sign up for the Ejari system and what the advantages of this system are. When renewing your lease, registering in this system will protect you against fraud and fraud that involves renting the same property out to other renters more than once. By registering in Ejari, you will be protected from these things.

Take note that until your contract is recorded in Ejari, the Rental Dispute Resolution Centre of the Land Department will not get involved in settling any disputes between the parties. You can go to one of the several Ejari service centers in Dubai for further information.

What is the meaning of the lease:

A lease agreement is a legally binding contract between the parties that specifies the terms and conditions under which the lessor is required to provide the lessee with access to the property for a specific period for a specific fee. The lessor is required to provide the lessee with access to his property and the associated obligation of delivery or guarantee, and the lessee is required to pay the rent and return the property when the lease term expires.

The signing of a lease agreement in Dubai aids in preserving all rights and avoiding disagreements of any kind between the tenant and the lessor.

Tips for a property owner before signing a lease:

The following considerations should be kept in mind if you are the property owner and intend to sign a lease with the tenant:

Verify the employed person's identity and, if possible, include a wage statement from his company.
Maintain a copy of the tenant's identification
Learn the number of guests who will be staying in the flat.
You can sign a short-term lease if the tenant makes you uncomfortable.
The lessor may request contract termination if the tenant disobeys any of the provisions of the agreement.

Tips for the tenant before signing the lease:

We urge you to consider the following factors before signing the lease after you have located the ideal rental property:

Choose the residential property that best fits your needs in terms of location, size, and price.
Analyze your ability to commit to paying the rent on time to prevent the owner from terminating your lease.
preserving the property's form while making no alterations
To prevent legal liability, the owner's written consent is required if alterations are made to the property.
You must use the term indicated in the contract when drafting a lease agreement, and if you don't, the owner has the right to require payment for the entire time.

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