Urgent Kuwait: activating the biometric fingerprint for UAE citizens, residents and visitors

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said today that the ports and border security sector has activated biometric fingerprinting, which includes taking the face, eye and finger prints of arrivals through Kuwaiti ports.

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The specified age for taking a biometric fingerprint:

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said in a statement today that the biometric fingerprint is used for age groups from 18 years and over (according to the procedures for issuing citizenship under Kuwaiti law) and will be subject to all comers through various ports, whether they are citizens, residents or visitors.

Biometric fingerprint processing centers:

She added that to make it easier for citizens and Travelers, four centers of the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence have been allocated in cooperation with the General Directorate of Information Systems in the Jahra - Ali Sabah Al - Salem-West Musharraf regions on a 24-hour basis, as well as the identity investigation department center of criminal evidence in Farwaniya governorate (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) to complete biometric fingerprinting procedures in addition to the devices provided by the General Directorate of criminal evidence at the air, land, and sea border ports.

Ministry of Interior website and platform (MATA) :

She pointed out that citizens and residents should make an appointment through the (MATA) platform and visitors through the Ministry of Interior website to review the centers dedicated to completing fingerprint procedures (for those who wish to make a fingerprint before traveling), explaining that travelers through the ports are allowed to leave without completing fingerprint procedures and their work is limited upon arrival (return from travel) and that work is underway to open new sites and centers that will be announced shortly.

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