Ways to subscribe to mandatory Unemployment Insurance Scheme in UAE 2023

There are five options for enrolling in the UAE require Unemployment Insurance Scheme.

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You may sign up for ILOE at any of the UAE's many money exchanges, kiosks, or service centres, or you can do it online.

1. The ILOE website and app, which are direct routes

The ILOE site and ILOE mobile application (iOS and Android) make it possible to submit an application for unemployment benefits online.

Using the ILOE website or mobile app to enrol in unemployment insurance is completely free of charge. Dubai Insurance, which oversees the ILOE Insurance Pool, runs both of these sites.

Additional Methods
In order to facilitate enrollment in ILOE, Dubai Insurance has collaborated with the following business companies. However, the ILOE website notes that there are subscription fees associated with these channels.

Two-way markets
At the moment, Al Ansari Exchange is the only place to sign up for and pay for ILOE insurance. Simply visit any of the locations and complete the necessary procedures:

You must first show your Emirates ID.Second, give me your cell phone number.Third, please fill out the ILOE insurance application,4. Choose the length of your coverage (either one or two years).

Pick a payment schedule (monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually) and make your payment.

The plan will formally enrol you after the money has been made and you have received a receipt.

Kiosks, Third
The ILOE plan also offers kiosk signups for its members. There are now two authorised subscriptions channels in the UAE: MBME Pay and uPay. You may locate an MBME Pay or uPay kiosk in your area by looking for one using your phone's web browser or an app like Google Maps.

Fourth, automated teller machines and mobile banking apps
The unemployment insurance programme is currently accepting c3Pay subscriptions. C3Pay has been approved by the UAE Central Bank to act as a WPS (Wage Protection Sytem) agent.

If you have a C3Pay card or account, you may use the 'C3Pay' app, which is compatible with iOS and Android, to sign up for an ILOE insurance policy on the go. To finish up the registration procedure, you may also stop by a C3Pay ATM.

the Tawjeeh and Tasheel Shopping Malls
A Tawjeeh or Tasheel service centre is another option for enrolling in the ILOE plan. The facilities are run by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation (MOHRE), and they offer services to private sector workers and their employers.

In order to sign up for the programme at the facility, you'll need to bring your Emirates ID and a valid phone number.

Check out https://www.mohre.gov.ae/en/services/authorised-services-centers.aspx to locate a service centre near you that is approved by the MOHRE.

How much does the Unemployment Insurance Scheme cost?

The new unemployment insurance programme is voluntary for both employers and their staff.

In order for a company to enrol their staff in the insurance plan, both they and the staff must agree to do so. Employees, however, are expected to pay for their own insurance in accordance with Federal Decree-Law No. 13 of 2022.

What is the yearly premium for the Unemployment Insurance Programme?

For up to three months after the date of unemployment, an insured person can get compensation from their insurance provider equal to sixty percent of their basic pay.

There are two types of participants who can join the scheme.

Workers in Group A: • Those making a starting wage of Dh16,000.• The premium for insurance is Dh5 per month, or Dh60 per year.60 percent of your monthly base income up to Dh10,000 in compensationInsurance premiums for employees in Category B are Dh10 per month (or Dh120 per year) for salaries of Dh16,000 or more.60 percent of your monthly base income up to Dh20,000 in compensation.

Fine for failing to subscribe

After the deadline, a Dh400 fee will be enforced if you have not yet subscribed to the plan.

Penalty for late payments

The insurance certificate will be revoked and a fine of Dh200 assessed if the premiums are not paid in accordance with the agreed upon payment schedule.

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