Amending the labor law in the UAE to preserve workers' dues and protect them from arbitrary dismissal

The Federal Government in the United Arab Emirates recently amended the Labor Law in order to ensure the protection of the rights and entitlements of workers in the country, especially in the private sector.

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Amending the Labor Law in the UAE

In this context, Judge Jamal Al-Jabri, President of the Labor Court in Dubai, emphasized that the new labor law resolved many contentious issues in which litigation used to take a long time, especially those problems related to cases of arbitrary dismissal, and to identify the party that caused the termination of the work relationship between contractors.

The new labor law in the UAE protects workers' entitlements

The recent amendment of the Labor Law included some amendments that preserve the rights of both parties to the work (the worker - the employer). The most important of these rights are:

That the worker obtains all his rights as soon as the work relationship ends, regardless of the reason for the end of work.

The amendment of the Labor Law regulated the case of termination of the work relationship after a warning was issued in accordance with the terms and conditions, in order to reduce arbitrary dismissals.

The financial rights guaranteed by the amendments to the Labor Law in the UAE

Wages of all kinds


Annual leave allowance

Experience certificate

Work injury compensation

Objectives of the new labor law

Achieving a balance between the duties and rights of the two parties to the work.

Enhancing the efficiency of the labor market in the UAE.

Attracting and maintaining competencies and skilled workers.

Provide the necessary protection for both parties to the relationship.

Enabling workers to obtain their legal rights easily.

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