Announcement of Dubai Police assistance to expatriates who are victims of fake jobs in the Emirates

Hours ago, the United Arab Emirates witnessed the announcement of the assistance of the Dubai Police to the victims of fake jobs from expatriates coming to the UAE to work.

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Government agencies that support victims of fake jobs in the UAE

During the course of the previous year, the Victim Communication Section of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Investigations offered assistance to 145 humanitarian cases that involved aspects of criminal and traffic law, These cases included two instances of a victim of fraud that involved the use of fake jobs, as well as the case of a seventy-year-old woman who became disoriented and forgot her home address for three days.

How to benefit from Dubai Police services for expatriates who are victims of job fraud

According to Captain Dr. Saif Matar bin Lahej, who serves as the head of the Department of Communication with the Victim, the Department of Communication with the Victim of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Investigation is concerned with providing psychological, social, and legal support for humanitarian cases, This is accomplished through coordination with strategic partners in charitable societies, the Dubai Health Authority, and the General Authority for Islamic Affairs. Among the cases for which the department provided care was one involving a "fake job victim," a woman who was tricked into coming to the state to begin a job that someone had promised her on social media platforms, When she arrived in the state, she was surprised by his disappearance, and that he was deceiving her, so the department took care of providing for her needs, including providing temporary housing and meals, and coordinating with the concerned authorities to facilitate her travel procedures to return to her home, During the time that it took for her family to be located, the department made arrangements for her to have temporary lodging provided, and female officers escorted her to the hotel where she would be staying for the next three days, This was done to provide her a greater sense of security, In addition, she was taken to the hospital for medical examinations and her condition was monitored.

dubai Police assistance to expatriates
dubai Police assistance to expatriates

How victims of job fraud might benefit from the assistance provided by the Dubai Police Department for expats

Bin Lahej emphasised Dubai Police's eagerness to provide various forms of support for humanitarian cases, each according to his condition in order to overcome his ordeal, whether they are victims of criminal or traffic accidents, This enhances the community's confidence in communicating with community police agencies around the clock, through the smart services that are available on the Dubai Police application, Bin Lahej also emphasised Dubai Police's eagerness to provide these types of support for humanitarian cases. And he went on to explain that the Dubai Police Department launched the "Communication with the Victim" programme in 2004, and that it has future plans pertaining to the programme, These future plans are represented by linking with internal and external partners, and launching community initiatives for humanitarian cases, He emphasised that the department has trained and qualified cadres to provide services, in cooperation with police station employees, At the level of the Emirate of Dubai, and they do direct follow-up on the humanitarian cases that are described in the registered reports.

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