Announcing Lulu UAE discounts in April for a specific period

The new Ramadan discounts magazine was published by LuLu for the period beginning on April 4 and ending on April 12 of this year. The debut of the LuLu UAE Ramadan discounts was announced on the official LuLu online platform.

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Lulu UAE Ramadan Sale, April 4–April 12

The United Arab Emirates' LuLu hypermarkets declared the launch of Lulu discounts for the entire month of April in all of their locations. April 2 this year.

LuLu Hypermarket UAE discounts in April

In April, LuLu Hypermarket offers deals، All of the Lulu hypermarket locations scattered out across the UAE have offered special discounts. Discounts have been offered by Lulu on a variety of goods, including apparel, non-food items, and food.

LuLu Hypermarket Offers magazine in UAE from 4th April to 12th April

From April 4 to April 12, LuLu Hypermarket will be offering magazines in the UAE.،A special offer magazine for the new discounts in this time, which begins on April 4 and ends on the twelfth of the same month, has been published by the management of LuLu Hypermarket in the United Arab Emirates.

luLu offers magazine 1

The end date of LuLu Hypermarket UAE offers is in April

The current discounts campaign officially began on Tuesday, which corresponds to the fourth of April, according to the outlets management at LuLu Hypermarket Emirates. The campaign's end date has been set for the twelve of April, which falls during the current Ramadan.

LuLu Hypermarket UAE discounts in April

The management of LuLu Hypermarket Emirates declared numerous significant discounts on both food and non-food items, and some of these items were published in the magazine with discounts that reached 80%, including clothing.

luLu offers magazine 2

On a variety of food items, fruits and veggies, detergents, household utensils, appliances, and other goods, LuLu Hypermarket UAE has offered discounts and rebates.

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