Automated system for completing employment contracts in the UAE

In October 2017, the UAE government launched the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to improve government performance, accelerate achievement, create innovative work environments, and for the UAE government to be the first in the world to invest in artificial intelligence in its various vital sectors, and to provide 100% of line services. The first to the public through artificial intelligence.

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The new labor contract system in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has launched a system for completing work contracts without human intervention, in line with the UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031, which seeks to make the UAE a world leader in this field, by developing an integrated system that employs artificial intelligence in vital areas of the country.

Automated work contract execution system tasks

The Ministry announced the completion of more than 35,000 automated transactions during the first two days of the launch of the new system, which included the issuance and renewal of work contracts, as the transaction is approved after identifying the presence of the signature of the two parties.

Features of the automated labor contract system

The new system, which uses image processing and verification techniques, is characterized by the speed of completing transactions, which decreased from two days to only half an hour, and reduces human errors.

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