Determine the 10 most wanted jobs and the average salaries for each job

The job search engine Linsa determined the 10 most wanted jobs and average salaries for each job, as it issued a new report through which it revealed the 10 most important jobs and areas of work that are strongly required during this period, with an explanation of the average salary specified for each job, and experts collected Internet data and searches for jobs and created a list of the top 10 most in-demand jobs.

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10 most wanted jobs in the world

The first position is a data analyst, the second position is a website reliability engineer, the third position is a professional nurse, the fourth position is a business operations specialist, the fifth position is a digital marketing specialist, the sixth position is a software quality assurance analyst, the eighth position is a website reliability engineer, and the final position is a cloud engineer who manages cloud computing.


Providing jobs for job seekers with a distinct salary

From 2021 to 2022, there was a 155% growth in the number of researchers who held the position of Software Quality Assurance Analyst, This is a person who checks software for errors, A Software Quality Assurance (QA) analyst is responsible for monitoring the development of software and ensuring that no errors in the product are released to customers, According to, the starting salary for a Software Quality Assurance Analyst 1 can range anywhere from $58,757 to $71,824, with the typical starting income coming in at $64,892, The solar consultant and customer service assistant tied for the position of the product that was looked for the second most frequently, The solar consultant offered clients with information about solar-powered equipment. However, the average salary for solar energy consultants is $49,390. Salaries are paid to solar energy consultants primarily through sales committees. There was a 60% increase in the number of people searching for positions as vocational nurses, making them the fourth most sought after occupation, followed by business operations specialists. The number of searches went up by 49% as a result of this, The usual starting salary for a business operations specialist is $ 67,782, and the sixth and seventh place in the world were a digital marketing specialist and a data analyst, The eighth most requested job on the list is a site reliability engineer, who makes use of automation tools to monitor the dependability of programmes, The average salary for a professional nurse was $ 46,050, The compensation for this position begins at around $146,783 when working in a production setting, A cloud engineer who manages cloud computing ranks ninth and tenth on the list, with a starting pay of $106,064 per year for an information security analyst, Cloud engineers are responsible for the management of cloud computing.


Most wanted jobs in the United States

In the United States, jobs as teachers and risk engineers are in high demand due to the country's growing population and economy, The research also focuses on the most in-demand jobs in the United States, with the post of teacher being at the forefront of the competition, According to the Lensa report, "The country is currently facing a high demand for teachers, as many of them leave the profession thanks to low wages and conditions stressful work," Additionally, the risk engineer job saw a 167% increase, which the company attributes to increased infrastructure spending from the government in order to boost employment.

Jobs whose employees will be laid off and replaced by artificial intelligence

The professions that will be laid off in the near future are fully identified and include legal secretaries, clinical data managers, web designers and journalists. OpenAI ChatGPT was launched after the report data was compiled, indicating that people may not be looking for customer service associates as a job position in year 2023 because of artificial intelligence,The company and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania released a study in March, warning that artificial intelligence systems will affect 80% of jobs in the United States, with financial advisors, brokers, insurance companies and data processors at the top of the list. The team found that about 15% of all tasks can be completed. workers faster and with the same level of quality, and the team considered exposure when crafting a list of jobs at risk, which included key skills for occupations such as active listening, speaking and critical thinking that Ai was designed to perform. The study identified 86 professions as being "fully exposed" to AI.

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