Dubai: Providing full-time jobs and salaries starting from 10,000 dirhams up to 40,000 dirhams

The Specialized Communications Corporation in Dubai (Nedaa) has offered a number of vacancies for cadres with expertise in various fields, full-time, and salaries of not less than 10,000 dirhams and up to 40,000 dirhams, calling on those wishing to apply for jobs, who meet the qualification requirements. And experiences and nationality, to the speed of applying for employment through the “Dubai Jobs” website, as well as the “Dubai Jobs” smart phone application.

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She explained that the most prominent vacancies in these positions for citizens are “Commitment and Risk Executive” for a Bachelor of Accounting holders, with practical experience in risk management, a “Head of the Finance Department” for a Bachelor of Accounting holders with experience, and a “Strategic Executive” who holds a bachelor’s degree with three years’ experience. And a “Network Engineer” who holds a bachelor’s degree in network engineering or security, and has experience in networks from an accredited body or its equivalent. Finally, the institution offered a vacancy under the name of "legal advisor" for citizens holding a master's degree in law.

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