extend entry permit for foreign residents to the UAE and renew the visa electronically

The UAE authorities have clarified all the steps for extending the entry permit for foreign residents to enter the country and renewing the visa electronically.

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Extending the UAE visa electronically

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has made it possible to extend entry permits, whether for visitation, tourism or others, electronically, through the smart application and the authority’s website, and the service completion time is 48 hours.

Steps to extend entry permit and UAE visa

The authority indicated that the steps to apply for the extension service include five steps, entering the personal account in the smart services system, submitting a request to extend the entry permit, attaching service requirements, paying fees and financial guarantees, if any, and sending the application, to be received and audited, and finally receiving the notification. With the approval and printing of the electronic entry permit, in the event that the application is approved, the service of extending the entry permit can be implemented through approved printing offices.

The authority stated that the extension period for the entry permit depends on the type of permit, in terms of the period and the number of times the application for extension is submitted, and the extension period is 30 or 90 days.

The duration of the extension of the entry permit for those coming from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

The authority stated on its website that entry permits for tourism and visits, and entry permits for residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, are extended for 30 days twice.

Duration of extending the entry permit for treatment and study

As for entry permits for treatment and study, they are extended for a period of 90 days, while the permits for companions of GCC citizens are extended for 60 days.

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