Gold prices in the United Arab Emirates today sunday 7 April 2023 in all calibres

At the start of today, sunday, April 7 2023, the price of gold in the UAE has increased once more following a wave of decrease and decline.

The cost of 21 karat gold is 204.61 dirhams, and the cost of 24 karat gold is 233.84 dirhams in the United Arab Emirates.

We pay close attention to currency exchange rates at the start of every day transactions with their new values.

The most expensive gold in the United Arab Emirates is 24 karat, which contains the highest percentage of gold (99%), shaved to a different grain, and it varies from one company to another and between the products of one company. It is known that gold in the United Arab Emirates varies in several carats that have been classified, and the carrier of the percentage of gold in each kilo.

The value of gold in UAE dirhams (international prices)

Gold price
gold unit AED American dollar
gold ounce 7,419.39 2,020.20
24 karat gold gram 238.57 64.96
22 karat gold gram 218.69 59.55
21 karat gold gram 208.75 56.84
18 karat gold gram 178.92 48.72
14 karat gold gram 139.16 37.89
12 karat gold gram 119.28 32.48
10 karat gold gram 99.40 27.07
Gold price in UAE
gold price today

The price of gold bars in the UAE is in UAE dirhams

Gold bullion price
gold ingot karat price is in UAE dirhams
2.5 grams gold bar 627.5 AED
5 gram gold bar 1255 AED
10 gram gold bar 2510 dirhams
20 grams gold bar 5020 UAE dirhams
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