Announcing the jobs that will disappear in 2027

On the first of May, a report on the future of jobs was published, which was issued by the World Economic Forum, in which it revealed the jobs that will disappear before 2027، It also revealed possible expectations regarding jobs in the near future and the changes that will occur in the labor market within 5 years.

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The World Economic Forum released a report on the future of work on May 1st, and in that research, it disclosed prospective expectations for jobs in the near future as well as changes that will occur in the labour market within the next 5 years، The analysis was published as part of the World Economic Forum's annual report on the future of jobs.

Jobs that will be eliminated before 2027

In addition, the report titled "Global Job Outlook" suggests that by the year 2027, we may be witness to the creation of 69 million new jobs، This is in comparison to the elimination of 83 million jobs and the loss of 14 million jobs.


Jobs are rapidly declining in the coming years

With regard to the highest absolute loss of jobs, data employees are the worst, as it is expected to lose 8 million jobs within five years, followed by administrative and executive secretaries, accounting, bookkeeping and periodical clerks، As for the most prominent jobs that will witness the fastest rate of decline, the report indicated that they are bank employees with an estimated decrease of 40%, followed by administrative and executive secretaries, accounting, bookkeeping and periodical clerks، As for the most prominent jobs that will witness the fastest rate of decline, the report indicated According to the analysis entitled "The Future of Jobs 2023," the predicted number of job losses across the board will be greater than half represented by these three occupations combined.


Reasons to cancel the disappearance and cancellation of millions of jobs soon

As a result of the slowdown in economic activity and businesses' increased adoption of innovative technology like artificial intelligence during the next five years, the global labour market is going to be rocked by massive upheaval، The World Economic Forum came to this conclusion and published it in a study on Sunday، The analysis was based on questionnaires completed by more than 800 different businesses، Labour market turmoil During that time period, the transition to renewable energy systems will be a significant driver for the creation of new jobs; however, economic growth will be sluggish and inflation will be high, resulting in losses، The haste with which artificial intelligence will be implemented will, at the same time, be both a positive and a negative force, in addition to being one of the primary factors contributing to the loss of a great number of employment، Revolutions in sustainability and technology, as well as online service delivery.

Jobs that will soon disappear due to artificial intelligence

The World Economic Forum predicted that record-keeping and administrative jobs would decrease by 26 million by the year 2027، Data entry employees and executive secretaries are expected to witness the Biggest Losses as a result of the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI)،It is anticipated that the prevalence of some traditional roles would decrease, even as digital and sustainability-related roles become more common as a result of revolutions in both technology and sustainability.

Reasons for the abolition of 40% of banking services jobs

Because of the rise of online banking, many traditional bank branches have been closed، As a result, the number of jobs available for bank tellers and other associated positions is likely to decrease by an estimated 40 percent before the end of the decade، This is the fastest rate of decline for any occupation.

Jobs that will disappear because of Internet services

In a similar vein, it is anticipated that the number of people employed in the occupations of postal service clerks, cashiers, ticket office clerks, and data entry professionals would decline by more than a third within the next five years as a direct result of the growing influence of automation, sensor technologies, and online services on the labour market.

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