New working conditions for Filipinos in Kuwait 2023

The system of employment contracts for foreign expatriates, particularly workers of Filipino nationality, was brought to light by the authorities of the Philippines as well as the Manpower Authority in the state of Kuwait.

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Conditions for renewing the work contract of Filipino expatriates in Kuwait

An official source within the Public Authority for Manpower has confirmed that an official Filipino team will visit the country at the end of this month to discuss the resumption of sending specialised employees to Kuwait as well as anything else that is linked to the Philippine labour agreement, According to the source, the authority, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has prepared special procedures related to the file of Filipino domestic workers and employment Specialised after stopping sending them to Kuwait since January of last year, and the source expected that the Philippines will re-send its workers to Kuwait at the beginning of next June after the completion of the Philippine procedures, and the end of the delegation's scheduled visit to the country. In addition, the source expected that the Philippines will re-send its workers to Kuwait at the beginning of.

employment contracts in Kuwait
employment contracts in Kuwait

Terms of new employment contracts in Kuwait

In this context, the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait made an announcement regarding an update to the list of requirements for the recruitment of its workers in accordance with Article 18 "the private sector." The recruitment of its workers can take place either through employers directly or through companies, and it is based on a memorandum that was provided by the Philippine Employment Department overseas. Al-Qabas was able to obtain one of the updated contents. A copy of it shall state the term of the contract that was negotiated between the worker and the employer for a period of two years, and it shall not allow for the automatic renewal of the contract unless it is done so with the agreement of the necessary Philippine authorities. The new contracts include language that specifies whether companies would give "food allowance, accommodation, transportation, and other allowances," in addition to a free round-trip airline ticket and a secured entry visa, the cost of which will be borne by the owner of the company, In addition, the new contracts require that corporations provide a secured entry visa.

The rights of the Filipino worker in Kuwait

It noted that the Filipino worker has the right to depart as well as financial compensation for it and a monthly pay, and that he must be granted his travel documents without having them seized in accordance with the Kuwaiti Labour Law. In addition, it specified that he must receive a monthly salary.

employment contracts in Kuwait
employment contracts in Kuwait

Settlement of disputes between foreign workers and employers in Kuwait

The Philippines issued a call to employers who wish to bring in workers, urging them to cooperate with the "FRA" and to settle disputes with the work attaché or an accredited representative at the embassy. The Philippines also indicated that it would not agree to the order of new jobs for companies or business owners in the event that there were pending disputes, and continued by saying that employers will be included. In the Philippine black list in the event of a violation of the rights of its workers, emphasising the obligation to provide work in accordance with the contracts concluded with the workers brought to Kuwait, and in the event that claims and complaints related to the work contract arise, they will be settled in accordance with the policies, rules, and regulations of the company, in addition to resolving the dispute peacefully as much as possible in partnership with the appendix w. In the event of a violation of the rights of its workers

New employment contracts in Kuwait specify the working hours for Filipinos

The new contracts indicated that the Philippines is committed to the Kuwaiti labour law, and that the employee who will work in Kuwait is committed to working for 8 hours a day for 6 days a week, and is entitled to one rest day per week, and on official holidays with pay, and in the event that there are additional working hours calculated according to the law. In addition, the employee is committed to working for additional hours in the event that there are additional working hours calculated according to the law. Kuwaiti work, She appealed to the owners of businesses to provide her workers with insurance against death and accidents for the duration of the contract, as well as free medical and dental care, and to quickly return the worker to the Philippines in the event that war broke out in Kuwait.

Conditions for allowing Filipinos to work in Kuwait

It has been made public that there are certain requirements that must be met before Filipinos can be hired to work in Kuwait. These requirements are as follows: disputes must be settled directly between companies and the embassy; employers must not seize workers' passports and other identifying documents; workers must be compensated for the value of overtime hours in accordance with Kuwaiti law; employers must provide workers with free return tickets; and employers must provide workers with a food allowance declaration. Both housing and transport are provided.

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