Pay the salaries of workers in 5 professions in the UAE electronically

Payment of wages "electronically" for owners of 5 professions within the "helpful labor"

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Register in the wages protection system

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called on employers, who employ auxiliary workers, to register in the wage protection system to take advantage of the advantages it provides to them, and innovative solutions that enable them to pay the wages of their workers in the easiest way, explaining that it is provided in cooperation with the Emirates Central Bank to all employers. The option of paying domestic workers wages electronically through banks, exchange offices, or financial institutions accredited and authorized to provide the service by the Central Bank.

Documentation of payment of wages

The Assistant Undersecretary for Domestic Labor, Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, said that allowing employers to pay the wages of domestic workers through the system comes within the framework of the ministry’s endeavor to develop a system of services provided to employers and citizen and resident families, in order to meet their aspirations and needs in a manner consistent with the legislation regulating the work of this category. Employment, especially since the wages protection system would enable employers to document the payment of the wages of the domestic workers who work for them, and at the same time enhance protection in the processes of disbursing these wages.

The importance of paying wages electronically

Al Nuaimi stressed the importance of the wage protection system in promoting the principle of transparency.
Stability and protection of both parties to the contractual relationship.
Ensuring that the Ministry is kept up-to-date with data related to wages.
Reducing labor disputes related to wages.
Providing a safe work environment for domestic workers, which reflects positively on strengthening the country's position as an ideal safe destination for living and working.

Advantages of paying wages electronically

He added that employers can now benefit from the advantages of paying the wages of their domestic workers in various professions electronically, after registering in the system and contracting with the financial authorities authorized by the Central Bank to provide the service, which will be applied to five professions out of 19 professions for domestic workers, as of the first of September. Next April, based on Ministerial Resolution No. 675 of 2022 regarding the payment of wages for some domestic service workers’ professions through the Wage Protection System.

Professions in which workers’ salaries are paid electronically

A private agricultural engineer.
"Special Delegate".
Home care provider.
"private teacher".
And a "special trainer".

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