The best job in the world in Abu Dhabi is available to everyone, and the salary is $100,000

The best job in the world has been announced in Abu Dhabi, and it is a job available to everyone, with a salary of $100,000.

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The best job in the world

The Ambassador for Yas Island Affairs in Abu Dhabi, global representative Kevin Hart, announced the start of receiving applications for the appointment of the next ambassador for the island's affairs, and he held the position of "the best job in the world."

Best Salary in Abu Dhabi - Job Perks

The candidate selected for the position will have the opportunity to win a package that includes a salary of $100,000, luxury hotel accommodation, and a range of world-class entertainment experiences in the various cities and recreational facilities on Yas Island, and many more.

How to get a job in Abu Dhabi

Applications for candidacy in the competition, which is open to all, will be received from today until January 23, as candidates can send the required video clips to apply for the job at the link:, provided that the competent committee selects five qualified people on the 26th of this month.

How to qualify for the job

In order to reach the qualified list, those wishing to film and upload a video clip describing how they contribute to the upgrading and development of the island according to their own vision to be the undisputed best entertainment destination. To increase their chances, applicants can share their clips on social media to enhance their chances of taking this position.

Job Winner Award

In addition to many exceptional experiences, Yas Island Abu Dhabi will present the winner with a prize of $100,000 and a luxury business class flight to Abu Dhabi. The winner will also stay in a luxurious suite at the W Abu Dhabi Hotel - Yas Island for 60 days, including the best spa and gourmet dining experiences. Provided by the hotel.

The date of announcing the name of the job winner

It is scheduled to announce the name of the winner of the “Best Job in the World” competition on the third of next February.

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