The demand for electric cars in the UAE increased by 200%

Recent statistics show that the demand for electric vehicles in the United Arab Emirates increased by more than 200% between 2021 and 2022.

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Experts emphasised the continuous development of local infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, the expansion of the distribution and capacity of charging stations, and their spread in public facilities, as well as the rise in customer preferences towards the unusual vehicle market with a preference for green cars and the search for vehicles with lower operating costs.

The value of the market for infrastructure to charge electric vehicles in the UAE is growing at a CAGR of 14.31%, according to a recent analysis by 6W Research.

A growing number of South Korean and European models have entered the market in response to rising demand for electric vehicles, and the report notes that this trend is expected to continue. Since last year, the market has grown by almost 205%.

electric cars in the UAE

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Institutional demand, led by institutions and government agencies with their shift towards this type of electric vehicle, is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 24.2%, with revenues until 2028. This growth is based on the diversification and expansion of demand from the individual sector, including residents and car rental activities for tourists. Vehicles, as 20% of government agency fleets switch to electric versions and the public transport network is upgraded to include eco-friendly vehicles. More than a thousand public charging stations would be available in Dubai alone by 2025, and the research highlighted the government's support for the country's growing electric vehicle industry, which includes providing free charging stations.

Anis Al-Shaarani, a sales official at a local agency, emphasised the increase in available models, noting that 2022 saw the introduction of five different electric car models, all of which attracted a respectable share of sales, suggesting that electric cars have become the best long-term economic option for consumers thanks to low shipping costs. fuel.

As he said, "The demand locally varies in the country's markets, as it increases with the concentration of charging stations and designated facilities, whether public stations and operational facilities for charging, which are provided directly by agencies or parking lots."

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