The upswing on UAE stock markets continues

The UAE stock markets continued their upward trend on Wednesday, with the Dubai main index reaching a seven-month high and closing 1.518% higher

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Meanwhile, the capital's bourse ended today's session 0.389% higher, driven by AI firms.

Index FADGI was powered by Bayant, an AI-powered geospatial solutions business, which was the top performer, shooting up 15% to AED3.910, followed by Presight AI Holding, a unit of Abu Dhabi's G42 group, which grew 2.760% to AED3.350. FADGI was powered by Bayant. Bayant was the best performer. ADCB maintained its favourable performance and ended the day with a gain of 3.630%, closing at AED8.860.

At DFM, Dubai Investment Company was one of the strongest performers, completing the session 3.8 percent higher at AED2.460. Ekttitab Holding extended its upward streak, ending the session 3.7 percent higher at AED0.110. The real estate conglomerate Emaar increased its price by 3.5% to AED5.910, and its subsidiary Emaar Development followed suit by increasing its price by 2.31% to AED5.76.

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